1Day Booking Engine


A sleek booking engine that is simple to use and looks beautiful on your website.

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When making a booking, redirecting your customers to an external site creates friction in the user experience. The guest would be left wondering: “Am I still on the same website? Maybe I will just book through the OTA instead.”

With the 1Day Booking Engine, the customer never leaves your hotel’s website, nor mess around with confusing pop-ups. So they can complete their booking with confidence and ease.

The booking engine is fully integrated with the 1Day Property Management System to easily manage inventory and rates (The free plan is enough). See and manage all the bookings in an intuitive calendar and take advantage of 1Day’s advanced features.

The plugin is fully integrated with WooCommerce, the world’s most popular e-commerce platform. This means you can take advantage of countless payment gateways around the world. Including countryspecific ones that may not be available elsewhere.

Paid plans include more features such as integrations with a channel manager to synchronize availability with online travel agencies, and many more.

Features on the Free Plan

  • Can manage unlimited rooms for hotels, or beds for hostels.
  • Seamless integration of the search form and search results to your website. Guests will not be redirected away from your website.
  • All search queries are real-time to ensure you always have the latest information.
  • Multiple photos and image galleries for each room.
  • Guests can pay using multiple online payment gateways integrated to WooCommerce. Including Paypal, Stripe, Square, BrainTree, Authorize.net, and many region-specific payment gateways.
  • Guests can pay using multiple offline payment methods such as Cash on Arrival, checks, bank deposits, and other custom
  • Guests can book multiple rooms with different room types in the same reservation.
  • Take advantage of very popular eCommerce features provided by WooCommerce. Such as order management, customer management and reports.
  • Unlimited rate plans for room pricing. Update rate plans easily in a calendar format without “spreadsheet overload”.
  • Manage and publish reviews for each room.
  • Stats to quickly show bookings made thru the booking engine vs. other channels.
  • Reservations from the booking engine can appear in a different color in the calendar.
  • Use simple shortcodes to easily insert the search form anywhere in your website.
  • Automatic and customizable email notifications to guests and hotel staff.
  • Manage up to 300 bookings a month on the Free plan.

Features on the Paid Plan

  • All in Free Plan.
  • Manage unlimited bookings each month.
  • Integration with a channel manager to synchronize availability and rates to online travel agencies. This is through a fast and reliable direct connection, not just iCal. The synchronization is almost realtime.
  • Advanced reports
  • Chat and email priority support.
  • More details on pricing:


  • Booking engine's search form
  • Select rooms
  • Select rates
  • Booking payment options
  • Payment gateways
  • Booking engine's admin page
  • Calendar of reservations


Admin Installer via search

  1. Visit the Add New plugin screen and search for “1Day Booking Engine”.
  2. Click the “Install Now” button.
  3. Activate the plugin.

Admin Installer via zip

  1. Visit the Add New plugin screen and click the “Upload Plugin” button.
  2. Click the “Browse…” button and select zip file from your computer.
  3. Click “Install Now” button.
  4. Once done uploading, activate the plugin.


  1. Upload the 1Day Booking Engine folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin.

For more details, please follow the step-by-step guide here:


Is the 1Day Booking Engine Free?

The Booking Engine can be used for free for up to 300 bookings per month. Upgrading to the paid plan enables unlimited bookings, integrations to online travel agencies, advanced reports and chat support.

How do I sign-up to a free 1Day account?

Go to https://1day.io/ and click on the Sign-up button on the upper right. You can use a Google account or an email address.

What other plugins do I need?

The only other plugin you need is WooCommerce. It would handle all payments and room images

How do I get my API Key?

Login to https://1day.io, then go to Settings > Users.
Click the three dots (…) on a user, then select Generate API Key.

How do I get started?

Please see this step by step guide:


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1.0.0 – 2021-06-10

  • Updated: plugin creation. First stable version

1.0.2 – 2021-10-14

  • Simplified setup screens.
  • Updated store page.

1.0.4 – 2022-10-16

  • Currency is taken from 1day.io configurations