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2018년 1월 30일
Installed this plugin for a site I'm working on, it just made my life so much simpler and will shorten the development timeline. The 15 minute instructional video made it very easy to master the plugin features quickly. Would love to see QR code support in a future release.
2018년 1월 28일
this is really a simple tool that makes managing properties so easy. Every small rental property management company should use this. it's WAY less expensive than big solutions and has great support from the designer.
2018년 1월 12일
We have tried other plugins none of them Compare to the thought and features that are included in this one. And the other tools that we used to use were all linked to a Theme so We Could Never change the look Of our site. Love the export to Craigslist feature!!
2018년 1월 12일
About Rentals hits the mark in being easy to tailor by management along with providing a quick, thorough search for the renter. Love that there is support available if needed. The whole package!
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