Addon Library


Addon Library is an endless suite of addons that lets you design & develop Visual Composer pages with endless possibilities.
Managing addons is now easy fast & fun.
We set out to create a unique directory of addons that you can install, configure, and use in a breeze.
It doesnt matter if you are a beginner or an advanced Visual Composer user the addon library is the best tool you can find to extend Visual Composer to it’s limits.
We created a free starter pack with 15 essential addons to get you started.
So what are you waiting for.
Download now and start creating.

Get Free Starter Pack for Visual Composer


  1. Download the plugin then upload ‘addon-library’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
    Download and install the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Download free addons or buy premium addons from us.
  4. Import the addons pack zip and start using it in your favorite page builder


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2019년 July 29일
Not working with the latest version or on PHP 7.0, it's also not updated since last two years. Don't know why it is still here.
2017년 February 3일
Excellent plug-in. But with two tools there were problems. The support picked me up promptly and solved my problem. Support team note 10.
2017년 January 3일
I have been using Add-on Creator for several months now and it is one of my favorite plugins. It has allowed my team and I to create our own library of custom branded elements for all of our client projects. This is a wonderful edition/integration to the Visual Composer page builder that allows us to pass off an easy to use application to clients to edit their own websites. Even with the shift in focus to concentrate on their own add-on library packs, the creator part is now an "extension" that still allows you to create your own add-ons, which is key for us. Kudos to the UniteCMS team for putting this awesome plugin together!!
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version 1.3.57:

-feature: added drag addons between rows in layout builder
-feature: done multiupload addons import
-feature: made support for all image sizes in wp
-feature: made “expand” button in the html editors
-feature: added icon picker attribute
-feature: added fonts panel
-feature: updated layout css

version 1.3.35:

-feature: made shortcode work in the output
-bug fix: fixed compatability issues for php 7.1
-change: added styles for protect the jquery ui dialog from third party styles
-bug fix: fixed some bug in import layouts

version 1.3.32:

-bug fix: fixed throw error on editor destroy
-bug fix: fixed edit item in the editor after page load
-feature: made “overwrite addons” checkbox on layout import
-bug fix: fixed table pagination design

version 1.3.29:

-feature: added layout widget

version 1.3.26:

-feature: added editor option

version 1.3.22:

-feature: added functionality to install addons on activate from the install package
-feature: made rich export / import layout
-feature: added admin label in addon editor for vc
-bug fix: fixed https bug
-bug fix: fixed layout output styles to body
-change: filter addons thumbs folders on export


-bug fix: fixed preview addon bug


-bug fix: fixed bug from previous version


-bug fix: fixed identical scripts includes
-bug fix: fixed posible non correct placeholders values
-change: added image id support for settings image type
-change: made some changes to the layout design
-change: made browser addon tab
-change: changed layout design


-bug fix: fixed multiple js includes in the output


  • feature: remember last selected category in the addons manager
  • bug fix: fixed url assets convert issue
  • change: changed the addons manager view to “thumbs”


  • bug fix: fixed some small bugs


  • feature: added disable autop filter general setting


  • change: improved export functionality
  • bug fix: fixed double descriptions in fields


  • bug fix: few several bugs fix
  • bug fix: fixed visual composer mp3 field


  • bug fix: fixed settings radio box oposite name value


  • added audio select attribute
  • fixed some bugs