Advance Coupons for Woocommerce


Create gift vouchers, store credits, special discounts based on the amount spent, etc.


  • Extends default woocommerce coupon features.
  • Create coupon with Product Adjustment
  • Apply coupon with bulk discounts
  • Create Conditional based coupon
  • Apply coupon by URL
  • Automatic apply coupon
  • First time purchase discounts


  • Avaiable coupon types
  • Create coupon with Bulk Discount
  • Apply coupon Automatically or applied by url
  • Coupon Settings


Installation from within WordPress

    1. Visit 'Plugins > 'Add New'.
    2. Search for 'Advance Coupons for Woocommerce'.
    3. Install and activate the 'Advance Coupons for Woocommerce' plugin.

Manual installation

    1. Upload the entire `Advance Coupons for Woocommerce` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
    2. Visit 'Plugins'.
    3. Activate the `Advance Coupons for Woocommerce` plugin.


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  • Fix – Product adjustment coupon not working if products not selected
  • Fix – can’t handle same type of multiple coupon
  • Fix – bulk discount not working on proper way
  • Display notice if Woocommerce not installed


  • Initial release