Alt Text AI – Automatically generate image alt text for SEO and accessibility

설명 automatically generates alt text for your images.

Improve your SEO and accessibility: Our AI writes your alt tag descriptions.

Automatic: Every uploaded image is analyzed and alt text is automatically added to the image properties.

Full Control: You can always manually update and edit the generated alt text.

Multiple Languages: We support over 130 languages for alternative text!

Bulk Update: Use our Bulk Updater to automatically add alt text to existing images in your library.

Try for FREE: No credit card needed to start on a trial plan.


  • Alt Text is automatically added when you upload an image.
  • Add your API key on the settings page. You will see your current plan and usage.
  • The Bulk Update tool can be used to generate alt text for images already in your library.


  1. Visit Plugins > Add New
  2. Search for “Alt Text AI”
  3. Install and Activate Alt Text AI from your Plugins page
  4. Visit to sign up for a free trial or paid plan.
  5. Link your account by copying your API key into the Alt Text AI plugin settings page.
  6. Upload an image to have alt text generated automatically!


See our FAQ for answers to our most common questions.


2023년 2월 22일 1 reply
So, where do I start?! I am a wedding photographer, my marketing methods pointing at Google Search Organic, means I need to handle my own website (I hate social media...) So it means that I need to do a lot of Blog/Portfolios ecc. so my work is based on images right, so to use that in my advantage for SEO purposes I need strong alt text. BUT if you make accounts that I post >3000 pics per year on my wensite, it is a loooot of work to do to tag them all accuratelly and also not repetitively, you need to spend a lot of time. So in this era of AI for many many months I was searching for a tool like this, which would add alt text NOT FROM THE CAPTION but using AI subject recognition... So, tested it, 25 free credits, all 25 pictures named perfectly. Starting GOLD now for sure! Great job guys. I see a lot of potential in this plugin, it can be implemented even more, so I'll try to give my 5 cents with the developers, but as of now it's the only Plugin, a good one!
2023년 1월 23일
AltText AI has made our job easier by removing the hassle of adding alt text manually to each image. and the AI is pretty darn accurate tbh. But I love that the team went and put in the effort to introduce Human Reviews which makes the solution perfect in case the AI has something else on its mind 😀
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Show notice when account has insufficient credits


Update settings page


Copy changes


Include WebP support


Small fix for display of account credits.


Allow up to 10MB images.


Increase timeout for alt text API call.


Support for updating image title with alt text.


Updates view on Bulk Generate completion.


Update alt text for individual pages without refreshing page.


Support for generating alt text for individual images.


Fix: Bulk generate reliability and UI.


Update readme and screenshots.


Add support for multiple languages.


Add support for non-public sites.


Add support for human-reviewed images.


Better bulk update error handling.


Copy changes


Update some text styling.


Fix: Send scaled image when uploading new image


Initial version.