AnyWhere Elementor


Allows you to insert elementor pages,library templates and global templates anywhere using shortcodes.
Now create global elementor sections. Change at one place and reflect everywhere.


Parameter “xxx” is id of any post created using Elementor.

For you convenience and separate management of Global Templates thee is also a custom post type.
Go to “AE Templates” from admin side navigation.

Go Pro

Checkout Pro version AnyWhere Elementor Pro of this plugin that provides a lot more functionality.
– Global Post Layouts
– Post Archive Templates
– Category,Tag Templates
– WooCommerce Product & Category Layouts
– Global layouts for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
– Support for Custom Fields
– Design 404 Pages
– Design Search Page layouts.

For more details and demo check our official site

Note: This plugin is an addon of Elementor Page Builder ( and will only work with Elementor Page Builder installed.


  • Checked compatibility with latest versions of WordPress and Elementor
  • Fixed double shortcode boxed when this plugin is activated along with AnyWhere Elementor Pro (Pro version)


  • Added filter ‘ae_multilingual_support’ to manage support for WPML & Polylang compatibility.


  • Added WPML Compatibility.


  • Option to view and copy shortcode from All Template view (without opening template to edit.).


  • Updated compatibility with latest version of WordPress and Elementor


  • Compatibility with Elementor 1.5


  • Fixed issues after recent elementor updates.


  • Added Custom Post Type for Global Templates.
  • Fixed overlay issue.


  • Compatibility fix with Generatepress hooks
  • Enable shortcode to work ien widgets


  • Plugin initial release


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


2020년 July 28일
Great & fun-to-use plugin that lets you customise layouts in a way I've seen no other plugin do. I'm using it together with ACF to build a complex site with lots of layout requirements, and it works great. Also, the support has been amazing, helping me solve problems that I couldn't figure out with my limited php skills. Top class and five stars.
2020년 July 24일
Had a very tricky problem with shortcodes not rendering within an AE widget but working elsewhere. Within hours (a rarity in WordPress support) the team behind AE responded and spent 3 days digging in to my dev site until they had figured out all the factors leading to this odd result. The issue it was so complex I wasn’t able to follow the fix they implemented on my dev site and they fixed it again for me on the production site a second time. Can’t say enough about how I appreciated that! Amazing team.
2020년 June 21일
Using Anywhere Elementor for a year now on different websites in combination with Pods. Conference program with time slots, speakers, venues. Overview of all talks and speakers. Nice to use the templates for consistency and still be able to add stuff to individual posts using Elementor. The ability to nest templates easily provides consistency throughout. Takes some time to find out how to make the best out of it. Worth that time. Great support. Now using it for displaying Zoom sessions for our online conference 🙂
2020년 June 18일
Support given within a very short time of requesting it in a way that helped me understand how to achieve what I wanted to do. Many thanks for taking the time to help.
2020년 May 15일
This plugin is absolutely incredible and when I needed to ask a support question, although it ended up being more of a customisation question the support they gave me was incredible! Going above and beyond to send me a code snippet that made everything work! These guys are the real deal.
2020년 February 5일
Anand's support was awesome. Plugin works great and helped promptly when required.
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