This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin


The BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin lets you quickly build up loyal readers on your blog through BlogGlue Communities. Minutes after publishing your posts BlogGlue creates links to your post on other blogs within your community. Those links will be optimized based on viewer interaction as time goes by.

Picking community partners gives your blog much more exposure to more readers as soon as your post is published. Get exposure to thousands of readers faster than any other way of promoting your blog. You pick who you partner with, you have control over quality and content. Any WP blogger in the world can be your partner.

The plugin is free for life up to a limited number of partners, paid packages are completely optional and not required.

BlogGlue will NOT crash your servers, we do ALL our processing on the cloud. Run this on any server with any number of pages without slowing down at all.

After activation the plugin will guide you through the setup process. It will go something like this:

  • You activate the plugin in WordPress.
  • A signup form pops up asking you to describe your blog for other BlogGlue users and pick your community.
  • You are taken back to your WordPress site and everything is ready.

BlogGlue will start working on connecting you right away. All you have to do is write great content and approve other blogger as they ask to partner with you.


  • Control all Aspects of BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin through a simple control panel within WordPress.
  • Esily manage community partners from email or the BlogGlue website. Pick your partners from a list.
  • Quickly see which partners are delivering visitors. As you get more partners you get more visitors.


  1. In WP Admin visit Plugins (lower left of screen).

  2. Click “Add New” button (top center of screen).

  3. Search Term “BlogGlue Related Posts” (center of screen).

  4. Click “Install Now” under “BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin” (first result).

  5. Click “Activate Now” (center of screen).

  6. Follow on screen setup instructions.


For support related to the BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin by BlogGlue you can reach us in several different ways.

Common questions and answers…
  • Is this plugin free?
    Yes, a normal blogger using the service for non commercial gains is fully capable of using this plugin completely free. BlogGlue does place some restrictions on the number of pages as well as partners to keep spammers from abusing the system.

  • Will this plugin harm my server?
    No, all processing is done on BlogGlue servers in the cloud. No matter how many pages or partners you have this plugin will not impact your sites performance.

  • What is a community?
    It is a list of other bloggers all talking about a specific topic. use communities to be found as a partner or find other bloggers to partner with. You are asked to pick up to 3 communities at activation.

  • This plugin does related posts?
    Yes, it will create a short list of links to your other posts at the bottom of every post. If you pick partners it will also create links to those partners if they have similar content. The plugin will then optimize and update the links as you and your partners publish new posts. Your partners are doing the same for you.

  • Will my traffic go up or down?
    Definately Up, as you find more partners you will get more visitors from them. Like any community the power of many means you and your partners collectively reach more readers. Expect to see better time on site, more posts read per visitor, and smaller bounce rates.

Where can I learn more?

Visit help for the BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin by BlogGlue. Youre about to try something very cool, we hope you find some really cool partners to connect with from all over the world.

Contributors & Developers

“BlogGlue Related Posts Network Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Added RSS feed integration. Now Related links show up in RSS readers.
  • Added a call to action upon activation to insert account information into the plugin.


  • New CSS is easier on the eyes.


  • Fixed issue with whitespace causing PHP error.


  • Added messages about when links are ready.
  • Added option for injecting meta description into the header.
  • Improved install messaging.


  • Code now ensures tokens pasted from site are valid, no need to trim whitespace.


  • Added BlogGlue Profile Badge in the form of a widget, your theme must support widgets.
  • You can now embed an BlogGlue Profile into the sidebar
  • The profile is updated regularly with recommend and recommending stats
  • Fixed issue with excerpts, code no longer shows on short posts


  • Added proper RSS/FEED support. No more messy Javascript / CSS issues in readers.
  • Added detect if theme supports widgets.
  • Fixed PHP missing bracket error on some installs.


  • Fixed blanking settings problem.


  • Fixed duplication issue with description meta tag.
  • Removed meta description option. Please use All In One SEO for this option instead.


  • Added SSL security. Connections can now be secured.
  • Remains backwards compatible.
  • Moved to a new API.


  • Added BlogGlue SEO Analyzer, improves post quality by scoring page SEO effectivness.
  • Analyzer appears in sidebar for edit page and post.
  • SEO Analyzer now works in draft mode.


  • SEO Analyzer now tests on draft pages correctly


  • SEO Analyzer now tests scheduled pages correctly
  • Tweet and Facebook a link added


  • Alots changed we are now Socialize, we do Twitter and Facebook.
  • New SEO Analyzer does not require a login.
  • Affiliate program in place.
  • You can now Tweet from your edit post and edit page admin section.


  • Fixed the issue with secure option not working.
  • You can now secure connect to BlogGlue.
  • Added settings to plugins page


  • Changed the process to activate the plugin
  • Grouped the Settings Options


  • Fixed bug when plugin is first installed that may cause warning messages to appear.


  • Updated the install process. Fully automated plugin configuration.


  • Changed CURL dependency to rely on file open if not present or throw an error if both are missing.


  • New control panel.
  • Ability to toggle SEO Analyzer on and off in edit post/page panel.
  • Improved auto installation.


  • Renamed to BlogGlue.
  • Added new security certificate for SSL.


  • Removed Facebook / Twitter post, this will now be done from the Blogglue servers


  • Added ability for users to manually place where the BlogGlue content is
  • displayed.


  • Modified the way that affiliates can add their reffer id to the wp-content.
  • The BlogGlue setup popup now will only appear once.