Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription Products


Upgrade your subscribe and save, product subscriptions, and repeat deliveries with Autoship Cloud for WooCommerce Subscription products – a flexible and scalable program that customers love! The Autoship Cloud plugin powered by QPilot is free to connect and test.

This is a single plugin that allows you to enable any of your WooCommerce products for subscriptions, subscribe and save, repeat ordering, and delivery. Once enabled, the “Autoship and Save” or “Subscribe and Save” automatically appears on your products and variations, and can also be displayed in your cart!

WooCommerce subscriptions are quick to launch, so you can start offering your customers an incredibly flexible subscription portal where they can manage their upcoming repeat deliveries in My Account.

Seamlessly supports recurring payments with over 10+ popular payment gateways including, Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and more!

Automate your business with notifications (powered by SendGrid), repeat order processing, and shipping rules with carrier integrations. Autoship Cloud automatically syncs with your inventory to make things easy.

Offer dynamic coupons on recurring orders, automate shipping, sync inventory & stock status, upsell products into orders, and keep on top of everything with our incredible reporting and forecasting suite.

Have a question about how you can operate your subscribe and save program at scale with Autoship Cloud? Ask us here.

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★★★★★ 5 Star Support for Merchants and Developers

Launch & scale with confidence! All of our 5 star plugin reviews mention our excellent support.

  • Fully documented Install & Launch Guide
  • Detailed Documentation for Features, FAQ’s and Plugin Code
  • Fast and Responsive Online Support
  • Backed by a team of experts in WooCommerce, Autoship, Advanced Integrations and Business Automation!

Fully Documented Help Guides for Merchants and Plugin Code Docs for Developers

See the full documentation and support site for the Autoship Cloud plugin here.

Customer Reviews with Examples

“QPilot has been extremely helpful & supportive throughout the various stages of support.”

“They are there for you, don’t matter how small or large your issue is. They are attentive, effective and will follow up with you. And they do provide customizations! We couldn’t be happier! Highly recommended!” – BlueMoonHemp

“Autoship Cloud and the Qpilot team provide an amazing plugin with some of the best support I have ever received. They have developers in the USA that write amazing, fast, and clean code and they will continue to support your custom modifications after its been paid for. These guys are top notch, you will not regret this plugin.” – AlgaeBarn

This is how Nuleaf Naturals used the Autoship Cloud plugin powered by QPilot to add 2,000 repeat orders in their first 2 months:

Customer Subscription Portal that is Easy and Flexible

“It’s easy for customers to choose autoship options at checkout and manage their autoship shipments (including adding and removing products).” – Mintun Media

Your customers can quickly view & manage upcoming Autoship orders in My Account. Managing upcoming repeat orders is easy, intuitive, and beautifully branded to match the shopping experience of your online store.

You control which products your customers can add to their repeat orders. Automatically disable out of stock products, allow backorders, or simply select which products should not be allowed to be added to repeat orders.

Display upcoming orders using WordPress Templates (which can be further styled and customized), or use one of our embedded display portals that we host for you!

  • Change products & future order dates/frequencies
  • Change shipping & delivery locations
  • Update saved payment methods
  • Customers can pause or cancel orders
  • Customers can easily see and fix failed scheduled orders (like a payment failure)

See our documentation on How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders.

Quickly Launch Subscribe and Save and Repeat Deliveries

Autoship syncs with your existing WooCommerce product inventory, so all you have to do is choose what products you want to turn on for Autoship. No additional plugins or setup needed to launch product subscriptions and repeat delivery options

  • Enable only specific products and variations
  • Bulk enable all products & variants globally
  • Option to offer pricing discounts at checkout, recurring orders, or both
  • Sync product prices in real-time and optionally update product prices for existing Scheduled Orders and product subscriptions

See how easy this is to do with our Install and Launch Guide

Once a product is enabled for Autoship, you will see options on the product page for your customers to select “Autoship” (or another label you choose) and pick their repeat order frequency.

You can also choose to display the same options in your Cart as an “upsell” option before customers checkout. Use our preset templates that match your theme’s styling, or customize it for the buying experience you want!

Autoship in the Cart:

Customer Email Notifications powered by SendGrid®

Send customers detailed email notifications about their repeat orders and subscription products. Easily customize to your brand using our free template customizer and excellent deliverability rates thanks to our built-in integration with SendGrid® – included free with your subscription to Autoship Cloud’s hosted service, QPilot.

  • Advanced Notices for Upcoming Orders: Send customers email notifications about upcoming order (Option to add 10-Day, 2-day, 1-day and Custom Day advance email notifications.)
  • Failed Orders and Payments: Let customers know about issues with payments, products or shipments so they can self-service their repeat orders. Our customer email notifications even include steps in each message to help customers solve their own issues!
  • Changeable Before’ Order Notices: Let customers know how many days they have to make changes to upcoming orders. This feature is for site’s using the advanced order processing option for “Lock Duration”.
  • Option to BCC your support team on Customer Emails: want to keep track of customer email messages yourself? Enter a BCC email to include your support team’s email with each notification!

Automate Payments seamlessly with WooCommerce

Connect the same payment gateways that you use for WooCommerce Checkout to offer Autoship Customers a seamless payment experience.

Autoship Customers can save payment methods to pay for future orders at checkout automatically as well as add new payment methods saved in My Account whenever they need to update their upcoming Autoship Scheduled Orders.

  • Over 10+ Popular Payment Gateways Supported (Stripe, Authorize.Net, CIM, Square, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree, and NMI)
  • Automated Customer Email Notifications
  • Deep knowledgebase of support articles to help customers and merchants solve payment issues
  • Manual Payment Method Entry Supported

See our documentation on the Payment Integrations we support and how we manage them.

Automated Shipping and Delivery for the Best Customer Experience

Automate shipping & delivery for Autoship Customers! With Autoship Cloud, customers always receive the best shipping rate for their shipping address or delivery location automatically. If an Autoship Customer’s repeat order is changed, their shipping rate is automatically recalculated and applied for them.

  • Flat Rates, Table Rates, and carrier integrations
  • Shipping zones and multi-postcode support
  • Product shipping classes
  • New! Use ShipperHQ to integrate over 50+ global carriers
  • Merchant can update available shipping method at any time
  • Any order or address changes recalculate shipping every time

Please visit our documentation for more information on How Shipping Rates Work.

Zapier Integration & Webhooks

  • Zapier Integration – see how to power amazing email campaigns in Klaviyo using Autoship Cloud + Zapier.
  • Extend Automations and Integrations using the QPilot API and over 12 Webhook Triggers
    • API
    • Webhooks
      • For example: fire Webhook whenever a Scheduled Order is Created, or when an item on a Scheduled Order is updated

How Autoship Processes Repeat Orders: Advanced Automation

The Autoship Cloud plugin’s hosted service, QPilot, processes orders using your site’s the WooCommerce REST API (link to WC REST API). This enables repeat order processing to take place in the cloud so that your site doesn’t get bogged down running tons …


  • “Subscribe and Save” is quick to offer for any product or variation. Offer discounts for subscribing to products at checkout and an future repeat orders.
  • Product subscriptions can be displayed in your cart. Upsell repeat orders with scheduling choices to customers about to checkout.


What plugins does Autoship Cloud replace?

The Autoship Cloud plugin replaces:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • WooCommerce Product Bundles

What is the difference between Autoship and QPilot?

QPilot is a service provider designed for scheduled commerce. It is the engine powering the Autoship Cloud plugin. See more information at Both are created and managed by the same company.

What payment integrations do you support?

Stripe, Authorize.Net CIM, PayPal Express Checkout, Braintree, and NMI are pre-configured to work with Autoship Cloud, but do need to be setup and tested. We support many more. If you don’t see yours listed, please contact us:

See our docs for more information about payment integrations.

What shipping integrations do you support?

We currently integrate with the United States Postal Service directly. We support flat rate, table rate, and shipping rules as well. You can also access 30+ carrier integrations via our partner ShipperHQ.

Do you work with Zapier?

Yes! Autoship Cloud integrates with Zapier for custom triggers around important subscription events.

Can I migrate from my current subscription software?

Yes! Most migrations can easily be managed using a CSV upload. Our support team is very experienced at doing this and we are happy to help get it done for you.

launch product subscriptions and repeat delivery options!

Offer dynamic coupons on recurring orders, automate shipping, sync inventory & stock status.


2024년 1월 19일 1 reply
We had a client using this plugin, and paying for a Starter Plan license at $50/mo. Just received an email today (January 19th) that beginning February 1st the price of that plan will be DOUBLE, with the new pricing of $99/mo. I understand that prices can increase, but to double your pricing AND not give significant advance notice is just outright inconsiderate.
2023년 12월 7일
I've worked with Autoship for some time now and I can say that I'm quite satisfied with the product and what's most important, the support. The team is extremely serious with what they do and their ways of working are exemplary. Most of the times I am helped with issues and roadblocks and they've been very open to hear about new requests. Highly recommended. Alex.- MY DRAP
2022년 12월 1일
This software is logical, well thought and well documented. The scheduled orders interface with regular orders so they are all in one place when we are ready to ship orders. This user interface is so easy for our customers to use that no one asked any questions, they just started using it and scheduling their orders. They have the most excellent support and make sure everything is working okay.
2022년 10월 10일
We're an agency and this is our go-to recommendation for WooCommerce subscriptions. Much more powerful than the other options and supported by a real business + team. Highly recommend!
2022년 3월 31일
Wow, I've never had this kind of customer service before when purchasing a plugin. I'm still trying to learn the plugin but anytime I have a question or an issue, customer or tech support is very quick to reply with great detail. All who I've dealt with have been extremely helpful and professional. Top-notch thus far! As for the plugin, as I mentioned, I'm not super familiar with it, but it's easy to set up for basic needs (got it up and running in less than an hour). There are tons of settings to customize it to your needs. Quality plugin, for sure! Thanks to Matthew and his team for all the guidance.
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기여자 & 개발자

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2.5.3 – 2024-02-29

  • Improved: The endpoint for retrieving Scheduled Order Metrics has been updated in the plugin to use the latest version of the Scheduled Order Metrics report in the WordPress Admin WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud >> Reports >>> Scheduled Order Metrics (tab)
    • Functions updated:
    • autoship_admin_reports_tabs_content – Updated endpoint used
  • Fixed: Restored the ability to use the function that retrieves product data from QPilot and returns an array. This function was changed in Verison 2.5.2 to retrieve product data from WooCommerce. A new filter has been added for developers to use when they want to return product data from QPilot, and a new setting option has been added to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud >> Settings that a WordPress Admin can enable in order to retrieve product data from QPilot without the need to change the filter directly with code.
    • Functions updated:
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_script_data – Updated with the logic that checks if autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data filter is true or false and depending on that pulls data from WooCommerce or QPilot
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_display_labels – Updated with the logic that checks if autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data filter is true or false and, depending on that, passes proper data to filter
    • autoship_filter_schedulable_products_data – Updated with the logic that checks if autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data filter is true or false and depending on that handles accessing data in a proper way
    • autoship_filter_schedulable_products_data_skip_variable – Updated with the logic that checks if autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data filter is true or false and, depending on that, handles accessing data in a proper way
    • register_autoship_settings – Added new setting key
    • autoship_get_settings_fields – Added new setting key
    • autoship_get_legacy_support_qpilot_products_data – New function that retrieves setting for whether to enable QPilot data usage
    • autoship_legacy_qpilot_products_data_default_init – New function that sets the default value for setting
    • autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data – New function that defines autoship_filter_schedulable_products_use_wc_data with the value based on the settings
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_from_qpilot – New function that contains code for pulling data from QPilot
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_from_wc – New function that contains code for pulling data from WC
  • Fixed: A case where a recursion error would occur when refreshing a product page that had previously selected the “Autoship and Save” option was reloaded. To fix the issue, the code that adds the “active” class to the “Autoship and Save” option runs first in the “triggerVariation” function.
  • Fixed: A display issue where the Native UI Display Option was showing the wrong subtotal for Shipping and Tax when a Scheduled Order included a tax total as well as a discounted shipping cost.
    • Functions Updated:
    • autoship_get_calculated_scheduled_order_totals – Updated logic for Scheduled Order total calculation

2.5.2 – 2024-01-30

  • Improved: Products now load faster with the Native UI Display Option which displays Scheduled Orders to Customers that are logged in to My Account > Scheduled Orders using WordPress templates. This improvement is due to Product Data now being loaded directly from WooCommerce instead of the QPilot API.

    • Functions Updated:
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_script_data – Updated code to query products from WooCommerce store
    • autoship_get_schedulable_products_display_labels – Updated code to use WC_Product object getters
    • autoship_filter_schedulable_products_data – Updated code to WC_Product object getters and skip converting to array
    • autoship_filter_schedulable_products_data_skip_variable – Updated code to WC_Product object getters
    • New Functions Added:
    • autoship_get_available_schedulable_variations – Gets product variations that are enabled for Scheduled Orders.
  • Improved: Better handling of displaying Scheduled Orders when they are entered directly via URL and do not belong to the site specifically with the Native UI Display Option. Now, an appropriate “Not Found” error is displayed to the user when they attempt to view a Scheduled Order that is not assigned to them as a Customer.

  • Fixed: Issue that was causing a fatal error when editing a user account in the WordPres Admin ( WP-Admin > Users ) page.

    • Functions Updated
    • autoship_after_update_customer_autoship_action – Updated with to check if the code is running in the WP-Admin and, if so, use the WC_Admin_Notices function to display the notice.

2.5.01 – 2023-12-05

  • Fixed: Issue where sites extending WooCommerce Coupon functionality encountered an error when attempting to run functions related to WooCommerce Coupons or access Coupons in the WordPress Admin ( WP-Admin > Marketing >> Coupons )
  • Fixed: Issue that was preventing the re-activation of Autoship Sync for variable products with QPilot. Previously, an error would occur when a WordPress Administrator would use the action to “Activate Autoship Sync” for a variable product after using the action to “Deactivate Autoship Sync” when updating Products in the WordPress Admin (WP-Admin > Products).

2.5.0 – 2023-11-27

  • New! Compatibility for High Performance Order Storage (HPOS) has been added.
    • HPOS introduces significant changes to how eCommerce data is managed in your WordPress Site, so we strongly suggest that sites enabling HPOS for the first time learn more about HPOS and carefully test this change before enabling HPOS with their Live Site.
  • New! Support for Upzelo integration has been added to the Native UI Display Option. Now, any connected QPilot Site that has enabled the Upzelo Retention Platform can display Upzelo Cancelation Popups, Cancelation Challenges, and Surveys without manual code changes.

2.4.3 – 2023-10-26

  • Improved: Removed a function that would convert order dates to be formatted in ISO 8601 for use in WooCommerce REST API responses, and that was causing compatibility issues with the WooCommerce mobile app for iOS.
  • Removed Functions! The following functions have been removed from the plugin:
    • autoship_woocommerce_rest_fix_data – Removed the call to the ‘autoship_woocommerce_rest_fix_dates’ function that converts date formats.
    • autoship_woocommerce_rest_fix_dates – Removed the function because it is legacy code and no longer in use

2.4.2 – 2023-10-11

  • Improved: All QPilot Coupon discount types will now render as Virtual Coupons on WooCommerce Orders created from processing Scheduled Orders. Previously, only some coupon discount types would be rendered as Virtual Coupons on WooCommerce Orders.
  • Fixed: The Bulk Update Utility to Enable Autoship Options has been fixed to update the options for Variable Products to enable or disable the display of Autoship Options on Product Pages for Variable Products and their Variations. Previously, the Bulk Utility would not update this option on Product Variations.
  • Fixed: The Tax amount is now included in Order Total Calculation for Scheduled Orders in the Native UI display option.
  • Fixed: The pricing and discounts for items displayed in the Native UI display option now display correctly when Items are discounted by valid QPilot Coupons that disable the discounting of a Scheduled Order Item’s Sale Price.
  • Fixed: The Shipping Line Subtotal now displays ‘No Shipping Options Found’ when no Shipping Rate is applied to a Scheduled Order and ‘Free’ when a Shipping Rate is applied to the Scheduled Order in the amount of 0.00.
  • Fixed: Coupons that apply their discount to the Items in a Scheduled Order now correctly apply their discount to their corresponding Item(s) in WooCommerce Orders created from processing Scheduled Orders.
  • Fixed: Coupons that apply their discount to Item(s) that belong to a QPilot Product Group coupon now apply their discount to their corresponding to all Item(s) in WooCommerce Orders created from processing Scheduled Orders.
  • Fixed: The Native UI display option has been updated so that a Scheduled Order can still be updated when a Scheduled Order Item contains a “Max Cycle” value. Previously, when a Scheduled Order contained an item with a value for Max Cycle (Example: a “one-time purchase” item), the Scheduled Order would not update.
  • Fixed: An issue that would cause the Embedded App Display Option to not load due to a 404 error.

2.4.1 – 2023-06-16

  • New! A new option for Merchants has been added to the Autoship Settings that enables Merchants that accept Cash On Delivery (COD) payments to easily add support for COD during Autoship Checkouts ( WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud >> Settings >>> Options (tab) ). This new option is Disabled by default for all Merchants.
  • Improved: We’ve optimized the loading speed of The Native UI Display Option, that displays upcoming Scheduled Orders to Customers using WordPress templates so that Autoship Customers can quickly view and make changes to their Scheduled Orders.
  • Improved: Additional translation filters have been added to include the Frequency Display Name referenced by the Native UI Display Option in the My Account > Scheduled Orders view.
  • Fixed: Autoship Orders paid for with Braintree Credit Cards and Braintree PayPal saved payment methods now successfully refund from the WooCommerce Edit Order page. This fix addresses updates to the Braintree for WooCommerce plugin by WooCommerce.
  • Fixed: The Native UI Display Option has been updated to correctly display the Regular Price of items when no Sale Price is applied. Previously, when an item on a Scheduled Order was discounted by a Sale Price, but a coupon conditionally disabled the Sale Price for that item, the Sale Price would still be displayed to the Customer.
  • Fixed: The Native UI Display Option has been updated to accurately display a …