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2022년 1월 22일
Thanks for the plugin, it works like a charm! PS - why you don't have a logo? It looks like an old abandoned plugin. I can try to draw a modern bright logo for such amazing plugin if needed!
2021년 3월 17일
I could see how this plugin would be an absolute must if you are someone who is serious about using bbPress. bbPress Topics for Posts is clean and works well. I'm glad I found it.
2019년 5월 22일
I have been using this plugin for years now and I love the idea of creating a new post and it automatically creating a forum topic to handle the comments or to attach it to an already existing forum topic.It is a great way to funnel traffic to a forum topic as your blog posts can appear on your home page. You can even attach multiple posts to the same forum topic to keep topics alive. If you have a blog and a forum, this will be the best plugin besides BBPress you can use. A bit of history. I ran an old Ikonboard forum and decided to upgrade and transfer it over to BBPress. And using WordPress enabled me to create blog posts which I use a lot. But the site members were confused because they were use to the forum and forum posts, but the comment section under the blog posts confused them because they looked different and didn't have the familiar toolbar etc. They still thought the blog was a forum and the comments is where you post forum topic replies. But the members couldn't understand why it looked different to the forum itself. They still thought of the site as just a forum with a fancy home page. So I installed this plugin and it transformed the site. With WordPress, BBPress, and this plugin, my old forum was transformed into a Blog site that uses a forum to handle comments and drive traffic and activity from the home page to the forum topics.
2018년 6월 25일
This is a great plugin that works as supposed. This should have been one of the standard features in bbPress. This will make our community site more alive. I do miss some features like support for custom post types and assign forum by category. But I hope we will get that later.
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