Better Ajax Live SearchWP


A WordPress Better Ajax Live SearchWP plugin created by Anil Ankola for your website live search plugin show instant search results as soon as you type in the keyword without reloading the page.


  • Better Ajax Live SearchWP add menu in dashboard sidepanel
  • Better Ajax Live SearchWP choose background, title, text, button and separator color options in Better Ajax Live SearchWP menu settings admin
  • Shortcode System.
  • Use this shortcode [better_ajax_live_search] show live search.
  • WordPress Live Search Enabled.
  • Easy to Use.
  • You can use it in posts or pages.


Steps to follow.
1. Click on \”Add New\” button in \”Plugins\” menu.
2. Search for \”Better Ajax Live SearchWP\” plugin.
3. Click on the \”Install\” button & then after \”Active\”.
4. Use following shortcode on WordPress page: [better_ajax_live_search] OR if you want to add it into php template then use it as do_shortcode(‘[better_ajax_live_search]’)
5. That’s it. You\’re ready to use the plugin.


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