Biblica Bible Reader


The Biblica® Bible Reader plugin is a free resource created to make
it easy to feature the text of any Bible on your blog, personal
website, or church website.

Designed for easy installation on virtually any blog or website, the
Biblica® Bible Reader plugin lets you supercharge your site with the
same powerful Bible reader that Biblica® uses on its own website, Biblica®, The International Bible Society, creators of
the New International Version (NIV), has subscribed to the
philosophy of Radical Generosity. As we translate new Bibles,
wherever possible, we are releasing them under Creative Commons
licensing, which makes them available at no charge to anyone who
wants or needs them, for any purpose. As we create new software,
we are committed to releasing it as Open Source, again free of
charge, for any purpose.

The Biblica® Bible Reader plugin uses API.Bible to access the text of
over 3,000 Bible translations. This way, you do not have to store
Bible text on your website, and the text that is delivered is always
the most current version available. To include the Biblica® Bible Reader
plugin on your website, download it from here, load it into
your WordPress instance, and register for an account at API.Bible
( Every Bible translation has different
rules regarding licensing, and those are explained at API.Bible.

We pray that you will find this plugin useful and that it will help
advance your ministry.

Key Features

  • Ability to serve up multiple translations and switch between them
  • Full search capabilities
  • Direct access to specific scripture references
  • Automatically resizes as needed
  • Works on mobile browsers
  • Access to over 3,000 translations with an account at API.Bible
  • Display Parallel passages from 2 Bibles side by side

For more information, visit

For more information on Bible translations available under Creative
Commons licensing, visit


Initial Setup

  1. Install and activate the Biblica Bible Reader plugin
  2. Create an account at On the Apps page, record the API key listed under the Credentials column.
  3. On the Bible Reader settings page, enter your key in the Bible API Key field and click the Save Changes button.

Setup Bible Reader

  1. Insert the shortcode [biblica-bible-reader] onto the page where you want the Bible reader to appear.

Setup Bible Search

  1. On the Bible Reader settings page, set the Bible Reader Page option to the WordPress page where the Bible Reader shortcode is installed. Bible Search results will link to the page selected here.
  2. Insert the shortcode [biblica-bible-search] onto the page where you want the Bible reader to appear.

NOTE: Only one Bible Reader or Bible Search shortcode should be used on any given page. Putting more than one Bible Reader or Bible Search shortcode on a page is unsupported and may result in unexpected behavior.


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