Boostsite SEO Audit Tool


Boostsite is a tool that tracks down all technical SEO-related issues on your website & recommends how to proceed in correcting them. Let Boostsite generate a set of powerful & actionable recommendations for you to follow. The audit contains an in-depth analysis of all technical SEO factors relevant to Google’s ranking algorithm. This includes HTML coding, CSS & JS resource allocation, usage of scripts, SSL certificates, and many more. In addition, duplicated, missing, and too short or too long descriptions are detected & reported.
Technical issues may harm the overall SEO ranking performance of your website, by limiting its accessibility to being indexed by search engine spiders or presenting the content in an unoptimized way.
Check all your technical SEO errors with Boostsite.



Upload the Boostsite plugin to your website, activate it, and then go to the Boostsite section that appears in the sidebar.

After pressing the audit generation button, you will be asked to set up an account in the system – the form will appear in a new window.

After authentication, just click the button, and within 30 minutes you will receive a link to see the recommendations for your website after logging in directly to the e-mail after authentication and the option to download a PDF audit.


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