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Builderius is a professional site builder for WordPress. It works in the front-end and is considered a “live editor”, which means you could instantly see the changes made and have a complete visual representation of your page. You have full control over the HTML/CSS of each template created. Builderius outputs clean code, and it brings the power of hand-coding into a fancy drag’n’drop interface.

Builderius is an integrated development environment for WordPress. It offers essential web dev tools needed for creating web pages. Builderius allows partial override of WP theme, so you could start using the site builder for individual pages while keeping other pages displaying templates from the theme. Our builder has dozens of template conditional rules (we call them “template apply rules”), so it could override ANY page of your site.

The reasons you will like it

  • It is fast! Blazingly fast! The dead-simple interface and instant reaction of the builder make working with it comfortable. The changes to settings are instantly visible on the page;
  • It is succinct! One module in the builder always renders one HTML tag. The source code of a page is clean, well structured and semantic. These qualities are considered to have a significant impact on the page’s SEO;
  • The unique feature of Builderius – versioning control system! The versioning control system allows to keep different versions of the page design, switch among them and preview them any time;

Builderius community FB group
Builderius documentation

The reasons you will be delighted of Builderius as a professional developer

  • It is maintainable with ease! All the settings are simple CSS properties in a fancy UI. It allows making changes in the page styles with the highest precision, creating any media queries, using any CSS selectors. All the CSS styles are attached to specific modules. In the case of export/import modules, styles are exported with the module. If the module is getting removed, all its styles are getting removed, so no “ghost CSS” ever!
  • It is extendable! Builderius has an API for developers who would like to add new modules to the builder.
  • It is configurable! The unique quality of our page builder is that its primary data structures are JSON objects: the entire builder content, pre-created layouts, presets and even modules! JSON objects are convenient and reliable when exporting/importing.


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  1. Install using the WordPress built-in plugin installer functionality, or download and extract the zip file and drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Builderius -> Templates
  4. Create a new template, choose apply rules.
  5. Click on ‘Edit’ link below a template title to enter teh builder mode.


Do I need to know how to code to use Builderius?

No, not at all! Builderius is a drag and drop front end site builder and you see the changes instantly. However, it is better to understand what CSS is and hot it works.

Is Builderius compatible with Posts and Custom Post Types?

The free version of the builder works for posts and pages only.

How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


2023년 8월 29일
I love the approach of Builderius because it calls things by their proper names in web development, unlike other builders that make up names and make it frustrating to work with them.
2023년 8월 22일
Well, this builder is insane. Good job! I love the GraphQL implementation. The fact that you can use the builder beside your own themes and only use it for specific stuff you need, awesome.Got the Pro version and looking forward so I have more “free” time I can play around with it and start to migrate some projects over.
2023년 8월 21일
Builderius very powerful and fast. I think its great builder to use it. Great support, I recomended buy Pro version to has premium support and many pro features
2023년 7월 19일
I’d like to start off by revealing a bit about myself. I’m not a developer and use low code page builders to build websites. I’ve been building websites for about 6 years but never took the time to learn code.I’ve tried a few page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Kadence, Oxygen, Brizy, Cwicly, Pinegrow and Bricks. I found Bricks the easiest page builder to use.Two years ago I discovered Kevin Geary on YouTube and by following him I feel that I’ve learned a lot about HTML and CSS. Despite page builder claims, I’m able to see for myself if page builders claims of no bloat is true.About a year ago, Bricks was my number one page builder. However, they are going through a corrective phrase. Bricks started as an Elementer competitor, IMO, but now cleaned their HTML output. The HTML output is compatible with coding your own website. As a result, there’s been breaking changes. At one point, I had to delay any updates for about 4 months. That began my search for a new page builder and I discovered Builderius.I looked at Builderius previously, but after seeing the number of installs from the WP plugin directory, I instantly dismissed it. Well, that just showed my ignorance of the time. The second time round, I went to their website and saw Graphql.  I googled and searched YouTube videos and was instantly amazed by the power of Graphql. Being able to query anything in the WP database but unlike Rest API, you only query the data that you need not all the info within the api end point.Builderius is under estimated or just unknown. You can connect to external resource and populate the data. Facets are native. Search function, you can build components, build tables and more. Builderius can replace many plugins that you have a recurring cost. Above all, I like three things about Builderius. Their support, you may say this should be standard, but it’s not. Agnostic approach is an appeal. I’ve asked them to copy other builders, and they have said no. Innovation, no one else has Graphql and as many features as Builderius. Not just that, but with clean code. While technical and theirs a learning curve. Builderius understands this and is in the process of lowering the barrier to entry. Without removing the flexibility of coding geniuses . 
2023년 7월 18일
I got to admit, it’s a promising tool missing from WordPress Builders.It doesn’t force you to use a theme or plugin. It is just wide open & a flexible tool to build extremely fast, It Outputs clean code websites without a limit…and many features not seen in any builder! Keeping my eyes on this builder. P.S. require a learning curve.
2023년 4월 12일
When you say Builderius, the same as if you were saying “Star Wars” and Builderius is the best and strongest Jedi. At the beginning and already so powerful. We support you 100% and go ahead! Builders builder has clean code, is advanced, and more for real developers but soon they will “create” new UI and that will be a new story.
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