BunnyFonts for Divi


Bunny Fonts: Info here https://fonts.bunny.net/
This plugin requires Divi Theme or Divi Builder activated to work!

What are Bunny Fonts and why are Bunny Fonts GDPR-compliant?
Retake control of your user’s privacy. With a Zero Logging policy and strictly European-based systems, Bunny Fonts keeps your user’s PII data their own and helps you simplify development and achieve GDPR compliance.

Zero Logging
No Data Sharing
GDPR Compliant
Built & Hosted in Europe

Bunny Fonts are hosted by BunnyWay d.o.o. – an EU-based company – and were designed to help you stay fully GDPR compliant. No data or logs are ever collected or passed to a third party. Simply put: they do not track or monitor your end-users in any way or form!

+ Activated Divi theme or Divi child theme (Divi is a Premium Theme created by ElegantThemes.)

Do you want to know more about me?

Visit my webpage: https://www.saskialund.de/


  1. Installation through WordPress plugin repository: simply klick install and activate.
  2. You are done!


I have a question. Where is the right place to ask?
Use the wordpress.org support forum of this plugin.


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  • Release Date: November 8th, 2023
  • Compatibility with latest Divi 4.23.1
  • Compatibility tested with and approved for WordPress 6.4.x


  • Release Date: September 30th, 2023
  • Compatibility with latest Divi 4.x.x
  • Initial release