C9 Admin Dashboard


COVERT NINE‘s admin dashboard plugin for improving the design and functionality of the WordPress admin and dashboard. Includes settings and enhancements for hiding specific admin sections like Plugins, Posts, Comments, support for more file uploads like SVG and WEBM, sensible image upload size limits for high resolution images, a dashboard widget pointing to key admin pages in the customizer, and an interface for customizing admin labels.

Removes WordPress Dashboard Widgets

Upon plugin activation, a new dashboard widget is added with links to key admin pages like widgets and menus, and disables dashboard widgets for WordPress Events, Activity, and Quick Draft.

Simplify the WordPress Admin Dashboard for Your Clients

Hide specific developer sections of the admin like malware scanning, theme settings, and tools, and even hide the plugins and updates menus so users won’t be tempted to update plugins that aren’t ready to be updated. Re-label specific sections of the admin like “posts” to be more clear for users who use posts as news, or blog posts. The plugin also moves the navigation links/Menus out from under the Appearance Menu and moves it into the main admin menu bar.

C9 WordPress Platform

If you build websites for clients and like the C9 Admin Dashboard plugin, then you’ll love our block-based WordPress themes that work in tandem with the C9 Blocks plugin.

Style updates



Active button and appender button CSS bug fixes.


More CSS customizations in admin, updates to buttons


CSS backend cleanup to avoid font issues in block editor, typo fixes


Added more CSS declarations for admin menu text color


Adjustments to backend styling to account for WP 5.5 updates.


Added color settings for admin side bar and admin login screen, adjustments to backend styling and skin


Added logo to login screen and admin menu from Customizer


Initial public release of C9 Admin plugin.


  • C9 Admin Dashboard Widget
  • C9 Admin Custom Skin Hover Style
  • WordPress Block Editor with C9 Admin activated
  • C9 Admin Settings - Control Admin Screens and Labels


To install the C9 Admin Plugin, do the following:

  1. Download and extract the file in your WordPress plugins folder
  2. Go to WordPress admin dashboard plugin page and activate
  3. Head to Settings> C9 Admin or click on the C9 Admin Settings button in the dashboard from the WordPress Admin to begin making changes to C9 Admin settings.


How do I find my plugins once I activate this plugin?

Click the Settings > C9 Admin link from the admin. Uncheck the “Hide Plugins Page” setting to begin seeing the Plugins menu.

Can I disable the admin custom design?

Yes. Click on Settings > C9 Admin and then check the Disable Custom Skin For Admin setting.


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Better checking for theme settings thanks to dskrepps + Varstahl on Github!


Fixed deactivation errors on some servers. Shout out to reddit user Iamonabike


Removed SEO setting causing errors.


<<<<<<< HEAD
Style adjustments for buttons and inspector elements in Gutenberg