CloudFlare Cache Purger for WordPress


Why should I use this plugin?

If you use CloudFlare in your WordPress website and you want to boost it’s performance, you need to set your Page Rule to “Cache Everything”. Unfortunately, this will cache your whole website, homepage, post page and everytime you post/edit new content you’ll have to manually purge your cache on CloudFlare’s dashboard.

Currently, CloudFlare’s provides a plugin for WordPress but it just purge your cache in case of theme changes, not post changes. So, if you are planning to BOOST your performance with CloudFlare, this plugin is what you need to avoid caching issues.

Follow this article on CloudFlare:



First you need a Cloudflare account and your API token ID.
Also, make sure your PHP version is 5.3 or higher.

From your WordPress Dashboard

  1. Visit “Plugins” > Add New
  2. Search for CachePurger for WordPress
  3. Activate this plugin from your Plugins page.

How to get my Cloudflare API Key?

  1. Login into your CloudFlare account
  2. Enter your Profile settings page (right icon on top)
  3. Scroll down and copy “Global API Key”


When the cache is purged?

Everytime you edit or post a new content the cache will be cleared.

Which pages this plugin purges?

This plugin tries to clear all related paths to avoid dummy caching. This plugin purges:

  1. The post Slug URL (
  2. The post Slug URL with and without WWW, with and without SSL (httpS/http)
  3. Your wordpress home URL (get_home_url())
  4. Your wordpress home URL with ending slash (get_home_url()/)


2020년 February 22일
The plugin is very light and automatically performs the Cloudflare cache clean up every time I add a new post or update the existing. Thank you!
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