Change Price Title for WooCommerce


This plugin allows you to change the WooCommerce Price Title. For e.g From: $100.

You can completely change price title or set caption to price using PRICE shortcode.

Also, they have ability to change/hide price title on individual WooCommerce Product page OR on all WooCommerce pages.


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  • Set price title option in Advanced tab of Product data meta box.

  • WooCommerce Price Title as per text set.

  • Same settings is you wish to apply on all your WooCommerce products.


Method 1:

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unpack the file and extract the change-wc-price-title folder
  3. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Go to WordPress dashboard, click on Plugins from the menu
  5. Locate the Change Price Title for WooCommerce and click on Activate link to activate the plugin.

Method 2:

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Go to WordPress Dashboard-Plugins-Add New
  3. Click on Upload Plugin link from top
  4. Upload the downloaded file and click on Install Now
  5. After installation, click on Activate Plugin link to activate the plugin.


2023년 9월 11일
You can only change the price on the single product page and catalogue pages. Cart and checkout pages still stay the same so this is not a proper solution at all.
2023년 3월 12일
Hi, your plugin works quite well, good job. Could you also hide the price in the shopping cart and only show a single total?
2020년 9월 28일
This plugin is such a time saver! I love it! Support is also so attentive, knowledgeable, and fast. Thank you for all your work Kartechify.
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2.5 (17.04.2024)

  • Fix: JS file URL.
  • Updated plugin translation files.
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5 & WooCommerce 8.7.0

2.4 (05.01.2024)

  • Fix: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

2.3 (08.07.2023)

  • Fix: Incompatibility notice was being shown on the Features page of WooCommerce.

2.2 (08.07.2023)

  • Compatibility with HPOS and WooCommerce 7.8
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.2

2.1 (30.04.2022)

  • Security Update.

2.0 (29.01.2022)

  • Compatibility with v5.9 of WordPress.

  • Compatibility with v6.0 and higher of WooCommerce.

1.9 (25.03.2021)

  • Security Update.

1.8 (13.02.2021)

  • Compatibility issue with v5.6 WordPress – Editor stopped working when the plugin was active.

1.7 (28.08.2020)

  • Compatibility v4.4 WooCommerce

1.6 (23.06.2020)

  • Compatibility v4.2 WooCommerce

1.5 (18.04.2020)

  • Freemius SDK Integration

1.4 (16.04.2020)

  • Compatibility with v4.0 of WooCommerce
  • Localization
  • WPCS compliance

1.3 (31.09.2019)

* Added option to show price multiply by quantity.
* Price was being multiplied in the mini cart.

1.2 (30.09.2018)

* Price amount will be updated as per the selected quantity.
* Fixed the warnings which were being appeared on the admin end.

1.1 (30.07.2017)

* Added option to hide price title.
* Ability to change/hide price only on Product Page or All WooCommerce page.
* You can set/hide price title for all WooCommerce product.

1.0 (24.06.2017)

  • Initial release.