CheerMe Loyalty Program


CheerMe helps ecommerce stores to increase their customer engagement, retention, and loyalty through surprise and delight. By rewarding your customers based on their purchasing behavior, you can deliver them the best loyalty experience, strengthen your bond with them, and encourage them to make more purchases.

Some of the key features of CheerMe are:

Give Points for Multiple Actions

Gift exclusive points to customers for performing online actions like signing up, celebrating an anniversary, making a purchase, and leaving a comment or like on social media.

Set Up Powerful Rewards

Create custom rewards for customers that they can redeem against the points they have earned, right on the checkout page. It will also reduce your cart abandonment rate.

VIP Tier Program

Segment your customers into different tier levels according to their purchase history and the points they have bagged. This gamification technique will motivate customers to progress from one tier level to another by earning more points or increasing their purchase frequency.

Referral Program

Make loyal customers your partner in success by encouraging them to spread a word about your brand and help you expand your customer base.

Reports and Analytics

Gain deep insights into your loyalty program, understand how customers are engaging with your campaign, and which action is performing the best leveraging comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Why use this plugin:

  • To add the loyalty and rewards program into your website.

The plugin is only compatible with WooCommerce.

Important Links

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There is nothing special about installation of this plugin. It is as simple as uploading the plugin files to your plugins directory.

Upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins and activate. OR Search “CheerMe” from WP Dashbard --> Plugins --> Add New then hit Install and then activate.

Once the plugin is activated you will see “Cheerme” menu item under WooCommerce of WordPress dashboard.


Q. Where can I find the public key and private key for plugin activation?

A. You can find this pair of keys in Admin Panel > Settings >Developer Setting. You can also regenerate these keys as per your convenience.

Q: Do I need to know coding to use this plugin?

A. No, we have created an easy-to-use CheerMe, and you don’t need to have coding knowledge for its activation.

Q: Does CheerMe work with any WordPress theme?

A. Yes, CheerMe works with any theme embedded with the WooCommerce plugin.


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  • Initial Public Release.


  • Add Checkout page redeem option.


  • Updated Code.


  • Updated Code.


  • Update Checkout Redeem Option.


  • Add Earn Points Features.


  • Update Cheerme Setting Screen Content.


  • Update Order Creation Process.


  • Update Popup Script.


  • Update Popup Script.