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2021년 11월 13일
We installed this plugin on two different sites. The plugin works OKAY with the theme. The theme is a very nice theme, however there are several parts of the theme / plugin that do not work properly, mainly the ability to use elementor blocks. This isn't a review of the theme , however, it's a review of the plugin use without the theme. On the second installation, the installation without the theme, I talked with support who continue saying it's because the server doesn't have 2 gigs of memory, and stated it's because it doesn't work well with GoDaddy. There isn't a whole lot of support past "well, the problem is your setup, not our plugin." The problem isn't the setup. I've used GoDaddy for years and if it can't run well on GoDaddy, it's your plugin. Saying they "just don't offer the resources." The plugin is extremely resource heavy, if that's the case. Because we are only at 27% memory and I start getting errors immediately after setting up this plugin on a brand new installation. Don't expect much past support other than "It's not us, it's you. Let me record this to you and mansplain to you why our plugin doesn't work on your setup." I proceeded to install a second installation, brand new. Installed this plugin, and the first response on the new installation is "The header is broken or missing." I install Elementor Pro. And the plugin still doesn't want to load the elementor blocks without there being an issue. Don't use this plugin if you're not going to use the theme with it. I'm sure it will be a great plugin after they get their bugs fixed and don't require 2 gigs of RAM to function properly. OPTIMA X is a plugin that works well if you already have a site built and need to make sure this plugin is going to work on your installation and you're not using their theme. , although it's a little more expensive to get going, it would be well worth the time. Update: New installation - 4 Hours Later: Installed the Real Estate 7 theme and now it works. Not receiving 500 Server Error after installing Theme. Final review: Save yourself a headache and if you're going to use this plugin, make sure you use the theme with it. Don't use this plugin if you're not going to use the Real Estate 7 Theme because it doesn't work. Support will then tell you that it's your server and setup, not their plugin. They guarantee the plugin works, and refuse to acknowledge that the plugin doesn't work without the Theme.
2016년 11월 29일
used the plugin for sime time in my real estate site - good job guys!
2016년 10월 15일
Latest update (1.4.9) crashed my whole website, and just showed a blank page. I was able to get it to work again, just caused a lot of unnecessary work. Great plugin when it works, hence the 4 stars. Keep up the good plugins but be wary of adverse side effects
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