Cookie Scanner – automated cookie list


Get a cookie list automatically and display it anywhere at your page.

Main Features

  1. Creates a cookie list of your page automatically.
  2. Display this cookie list with a shortcode [cookie_list_nscs] anywhere in your page.
  3. get notified if a new cookie pops up.

For feature request or questions please use the wordpress support forum.

How it works

It contacts an external service, which crawls your page with a Chrome Browser automatically (Puppeteer).


Please be aware that the cookies which are found may not all present or complete. You have to double check them!
This Plugin is meant to give an help setting up the cookie list, not as single source.


  • Cookie List
  • Add a cookie manually, not via cron.
  • Define auto crawling settings for adding cookies automatically.
  • Add Urls to crawl.
  • Configure the cookie table for the frontend.


Install it.


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  • set consent cookies for crawling, to check cookies with different consent cookie settings.
  • categorize cookies automatically.


  • Fix: Critical vulnarability. Update immediately
  • Fix: compatible with PHP Version > 7.3


  • First Version of this Plugin. More to come!