Donation Forms WP by Givecloud


Donation Forms WP by Givecloud is a free WordPress plugin developed by Givecloud for creating the best converting donation forms.

⚡️ Outperforms other WordPress Plugins by 8x with Givecloud’s proven, design-first engagement technology.

Give WP a free-forever fundraising boost.

This plugin requires a payment gateway and a Givecloud account (takes seconds to start). Supported payment gateways include: Stripe, SafeSave, PayPal Express, NMI, Braintree and more.

👉 Buttons & Links (Best Performance)

Automatically display our best performing form designs right on your WordPress site anytime someone clicks a ‘Donate’ button or link. Simply update all your button and link references to the experience URLs in the list.

These design-first experiences have been tested against other plugins and outperform everytime – at times, by as much as 8x.

🔥 Embedded Forms

Display a fundraising experience directly on your page, inline with your content, using the [givecloud] shortcode.

Our shortcodes mean you can place your Givecloud form anywhere on WordPress that allows for shortcodes. Our shortcodes work with Gutenberg and Elementor shortcode blocks, too, for more customizability.

📚 Help Docs & 💬 Live Chat

Access more help articles, examples and live chat at

For the best Live Chat experience, Login to your Givecloud account and use the chat bubble at the bottom right.


  • Embed links and buttons.
  • Embed forms on your page using a shortcode.
  • Connect your free-forever Givecloud account.
  • Gain access to your fundraising links and shortcodes.


Note: Make sure you have a Stripe account and a free-forever Givecloud account.

Step 1: Generate API Key from Givecloud

Learn more here.

Step 2: Install the WordPress Plugin

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Select Plugins and search for Donation Forms WP by Givecloud
  3. Click Install then Activate
  4. Copy your Givecloud site URL and API Key to complete the integration set up

For more information visit Givecloud’s Help Desk.


How can I send feedback or get help with a bug?

Login to your Givecloud account and use the “Feedback” link in the bottom left of the main menu, or use the Live Chat.


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Initial release.

Automatically adds Givecloud’s tracking pixel.
Introduces support for a [givecloud form=ABCDEF] shortcode and screen to connect to your Givecloud instance to retrieve your fundraising experiences.