Dustid Integration Kit


Dustid Integration kit
The modern way to address online purchases.

“80% of Friends & family don’t know each others postal details”

Help your customers send more surprise gifts with ease – no more hunting for addresses!
Dustid removes the address hassle and makes it easy for your customers to delight friends, keeping the surprise from thought to delivery.

Reduce failed first time deliveries
We provide the recipients validated and error free preferred delivery address

Increase online conversions by as much as 35%
Simplifying address input to a single click will help reduce the 70% of customers from abandoning their cart before they complete their purchase

Auto-filling recipients preferred delivery address
Reducing keystrokes and errors
Ensuring recipients address privacy built in
Delivering smiles first time

Dustid follows “GDPR by Design” guidelines for security and privacy.

Complete documentation is available at https://merchant-docs.dustid.com/

Version 1.0.14

Checkout Flow Enhancements

Version 1.0.13

New Features:

Redesigned UI/UX: Enjoy a modern, intuitive design for a better user experience.

Enhanced Visuals: A fresh, appealing look enhances interaction with the plugin.


Improved Security: Latest practices and audits for robust protection.


Optimized Performance: Faster and efficient operation.

Bug Fixes:

Compatibility Fixes: Resolved issues with themes and plugins.

General Bug Fixes: Ensuring smooth operation.


Updated Documentation: Improved guides for easier use.

Better Support: Prompt assistance for your queries.

Codebase Optimization: Improved performance and maintainability.

Dependency Updates: Latest third-party compatibility and security.


Minor Enhancements: Tweaks for better functionality.

We value your feedback; feel free to contact our support team. Enjoy the enhanced Dustid experience!

Version 1.0.2

UI optimization for mobile devices
Performance Improvements
Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.1

Performance Improvements
Bug Fixes

Version 1.0.0

Initial Release


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