Easy Bet


Bet matches.
You can use this plugin to bet matches with Yours friends.
Demo: https://easybet.foxskav.pl

This plugin is a continuation of Bet WC 2018 Russia – https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/bet-wc-2018-russia/

The WC 2022 league is prepared in the latest version.

Theme for WC 2022 2020: https://easybet.foxskav.pl/wc2022_easybet_theme.zip

Theme for Euro 2020: https://easybet.foxskav.pl/euro2020_easybet_theme.zip

You can do many leagues!


[easybet_matches] – Show matches from all leagues
[easybet_ranking] – Show ranking from all leagues
[easybet_stats] – Show statistic from all leagues

[easybet_matches id=”1″] – Show matches from league with id 1
[easybet_ranking id=”2″] – Show ranking from league with id 2
[easybet_stats id=”3″] – Show statistic from league with id 3



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