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A lightweight and straightforward Popup Builder for WordPress

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Easy Popups is a lightweight plugin that allows you to create multiple popups across your website.

From the makers of Bulletin, an Announcement Banner plugin with a solid 5-star rating!

Here are a few of the typical scenarios when you would use Easy Popups:

  • 🚀 Promoting a Special Offer: Use an easy popup to highlight a limited-time discount, promotional code, or flash sale to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

  • ✉️ Building Email Subscriptions: Employ an easy popup to capture visitors’ email addresses and encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list.

  • 📣 Announcing New Product or Service: Use an easy popup to inform visitors about a new product launch, service offering, or significant update to generate interest and drive conversions.

  • 💬 Increasing Social Media Engagement: Utilize an easy popup to encourage visitors to follow your social media accounts, like your Facebook page, or join your community on other platforms.

  • 🤝 Collecting User Feedback: Implement an easy popup to gather feedback or conduct surveys, enabling you to gather valuable insights and improve your website or business offerings.

How it works

Watch a quick video of how it works here:

You simply install the plugin and create your first popup. Then configure the settings while checking the instant preview. Once you’re ready, you can publish the popup for everyone to see!

You can also check out the docs on our site, which are extended regularly.

Full Easy Popups features

The basic Easy Popups plugin allows you to add unlimited Popups with buttons and various styling options

The Pro version of Easy Popups comes packed with features:

📝 Form Integrations
Show a form directly on the popup

👉 Advanced Triggers
Set the ability for the Popup to show after a % of the page has been scrolled. Or scrolled until a certain CSS selector. You can also set it to appear manually (e.g. when a button is clicked)

🖼️ Image slider and video ability
Add an image slider or video on your popup

🚀 Fancy animations and Google fonts
Customize the popup further by adding a eye-catching animation and Google fonts

🚦Advanced visibility options
Show a Popup only on selected pages on your site. Or only for logged-in users.

🕑 Schedule and expiry functions
Ability to schedule + expire the Popup.

🕺 WordPress Network support
Specify Popups to show on all your sub-sites

🃏Advanced CSS
Ability to add your own CSS with each Popup

View demos below:


This plugin is created by Rock Solid Plugins.


  • Easy Popups – Preview
  • Easy Popups – Basic Option
  • Easy Popups – Call to action
  • Easy Popups – Design
  • Easy Popups – Example on website
  • Easy Popups – Example on website 2
  • Easy Popups – Example on website 3


  1. Install Easy Popups either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Add a new Easy Popup by adding a simple message, colors, display type and a few other options
  3. Preview the Easy Popups on your Website
  4. If all looks good, publish and you’re done!
  5. For much more advanced options, why not checkout our Pro version! Head over to our website for more info and pricing.


For who is Easy Popups intended?

Easy Popups is perfect for business owners, bloggers, Woocommerce shop owners, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else.

Do I need to know how to code to us Easy Popups?

Coding skills aren’t needed, however there might be instances where a Easy Popups conflicts with other UI elements in your theme. In this case you may need a developer to add some custom CSS (which is possible in the PRO version).

How can I get access to all features?

You can get access to more features and priority support by upgrading to our Pro version. Purchasing a Pro license gets you access to the full version of Easy Popups, automatic updates and priority support!


2023년 11월 22일
This free version is almost useless if you want more than a window with an image, text and a button. No background image, no timing, almost nothing – very basic options. They should have written it here!
2023년 11월 21일
This makes creating popups such a breeze to do. Will definitely make my website much more engaging to use and and they look real stylish too.
2023년 11월 21일
Boost user engagement effortlessly with Easy Popups’ simplicity and seamless integration.
2023년 11월 21일
 Easy Popups’ simple editor and versatile display options enhance user experience
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