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2017년 3월 20일
Unfortunately, this plugin does not work with images in the ‘product’ pages of WooCommerce. I tried several times with different versions of the plugin. Later I found an easy and clean solution for WooCommerce on GitHub. I modified this solution and became happy. Solution: https://gist.github.com/10h30/dc05e398e1092f9ffb2f Realization: http://www.mcgtimber.co.uk/product/32mm-x-150mm-loglap-softwood-timber-cladding/
2017년 2월 26일
Прекрасная работа плагина. Перепробовал все другие плагины, но они не работали как надо. А этот плагин работает безотказно. Мне все нравится. Главное – простота и надежность. А больше ничего и не нужно.
2016년 9월 3일
This plugin really deserves 5 stars , as it works perfectly on my website and the tech support is also very great. Thanks for this awesome plugin.!
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