eBook WooSell


A plugin for easy and safely distribute epub3 books for DRM reading – using EpubSystems Ereading applications.
Do not upload your digital books into your website. sell them as virtual products and let us do the rest.
After installing the plugin, follow the instructions that we sent to you when you opened a publisher account with epubsystems.com
The eBooks that you sell will be delivered to your client’s reading applications.

The plugin is using woocommerce hooks to communicated with EpubSystems servers and preform the eBooks delivery to your client.
Contact us on epubsystems.com for more information.


  • Landing ebook abilities


  1. install the plugin
  2. enter your cradentials provided by epubsystems.com
  3. sell your ebooks


is it free?

Use the plugin for free. Sell your books on your website and let us deliver it to your client’s reading-application.
contact us for more information.

Does it support woocommerce?

You must use woocommerce to use the plugin.

Do i need to store the books files on my wordpress?

No. do not do that. you will just sell a virtual product. we will take care of the rest.


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wp version support 6.3.1
revised data comm code
fix of log alerts on php8 for Hebrew text


wp version support 6.1.1
error message on server fault to communicate to our Cloud Manager


wp version support 5.9.1


checked up to latest 5.8.2


Fix indication of gift sale


Add indication of gift sale


Fix memory issue on big DB Upgrade tools run


SVN commit fix


  • Support Landing of eBook
  • seperate “eBook” mark of a product or variation
  • seperate “ES cloud code” , instead of the SKU
  • Ability to set “Days Valid” – for landing eBook for specific period of time.
    This version add new fields for better seperate eBook data from shop data
    2 upgrade tool added.
    First- to set all Virtual products to eBook products
    Second – to copy SKU into “ES cloude code” new field.
    Activate the tool only once after upgrade.
    MAKE DB backup before!!!


  • Bug fix with “Send As Gift” option on checkout