EM Dashboard


Easy Mode Dashboard

Simplify your dashboard with easy mode

WordPress can be quite overwhelming for new users, the EM Dashboard resolves that in one click.

This plugin allows you to:

  • Clean up your dashboard with a single button.
  • Enable default Easy Mode setting for new users.
  • Enforce the Easy Mode settings.
  • Enable or disable the Easy Mode button.
  • Optionally load a soft grey new theme.
  • Set default color scheme for new users.
  • Remove the color scheme selection.


  • The EM Dashboard Settings (as of 1.0.0). In MultiSite environments it's located under Network Settings
  • Easy Mode removes many meta (confusing) boxes and menu's
  • Experimental EM Dashboard Theme (as of 1.0.0)
  • Experimental EM Dashboard Theme with Easy Mode on (as of 1.0.0)


  1. Install EM Dashboard either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Either Network Activate this plugin or activate it on a single site.
  3. If you’re on a MultiSite network, you can set up the default options for the whole network in your Network Settings menu.
  4. If you’re on a Single Site installation, you can set up the default options within the Settings menu.
  5. That’s it! Enjoy!


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기여자 & 개발자

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  • Improved security, although nothing critical was found.
  • This plugin now only loads its files on admin screens.


  • Reworked: Many functions to improve plugin speed.
  • Added: WordPress.org translation compatibility.
  • Added: POT File.
  • Added: PHP level Caches.
  • Changed: Minimum capability from edit_plugins to install_plugins so that the menu pages can be accessed when the Editor has been disabled in MultiSite.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Fixed: A minor security issue, which also caused a minor memory leak.
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.4.0 metabox styling compatibility.
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.4.0 nav tab styling compatibility.

  • Fixed: The tablet overflow fix applies to RTL as well now.


  • Changed: Optimized plugin performance.
  • Fixed: Minor WP_DEBUG issue with bbPress.
  • Fixed: The Easy Mode switch doesn’t overflow anymore on tablets (caused by wrongly minified .css script).
  • Removed: The “More coming soon!” tab, I do not have the time at the moment to upgrade this plugin to an all-in-one admin solution.
  • Unchanged: This plugin still receives active support and bugfixes.
  • Cleaned up code.


  • Fixed: Mobile admin bar icon color is now white when using the EM Dashboard Theme.
  • Changed: CSS and JS are now called from an absolute path instead of a relative path.
  • Added: Minified CSS and Javascript files.


  • Cleaned up CSS
  • Fixed: Messed up layout in customizer preview when EM Dashboard Styles are activated.


  • Fixed: Language subsets for Google Fonts when using Greek/Cyrillic/Vietnamese characters.
  • Added: Easy Mode button from Network Admin Screen is now removed (it has no use there)
  • Added: RTL support for the Space Grey theme
  • Added: Removal of default color styles if the EM Dashboard (Space Grey) theme is active.
  • Rewritten: EM Dashboard Space Grey Theme (is now standalone)
  • Added: EM Dashboard Space Grey RTL support
  • Added: EM Button RTL support


  • Added post/page slug to the not-easy metabox list
  • Made sure the admin can’t get stuck in easy mode out by turning off the EM button while in Easy Mode.
  • Minimum Non-Forced Capability now also applies on showing the Easy Mode button or not.
  • Changed “Enable the Easy Mode Feature” option title as it was confusing (Enable Easy Mode Button).
  • Applied rescue mode in showing the EM button for the set capability.
  • Made the Easy Mode default setting change have effect.
  • Added back the seperator beneath “Dashboard” in easy mode.
  • Cleaned up more code.


  • Fixed the Merriweather font calling
  • Changed default minimum forced mode to Administrator (only has effect on MultiSite)
  • Changed access modifier for get_option
  • Tested out the filters, they work! 🙂
  • Added filters in the Other Notes tab for developers including rescue mode.
  • Greatly improved (i.e. speed & security) removal of pages/metaboxes.
  • Fixed link metabox removal
  • Added update-core.php to the not-easy list.
  • Cleaned up code


  • 초기 릴리즈
  • PHP5.2 to PHP7 compatible
  • MultiSite and Single Site compatible.