Turn Yoast SEO FAQ Block to Accordion


This plugin turns the Yoast SEO FAQ schema blocks into accordion. This plugin works out of the box. Upon installation and activation, it will automatically convert the Yoast SEO FAQ schema blocks into collapsible headers or accordion.
This plugin will convert the frequently asked questions (FAQ) block of Yoast SEO plugin into decent looking accordion.

Here is a 2 min video about the plugin working


  • Turn Yoast SEO FAQ Block to Accordion Gif
  • Turn Yoast SEO FAQ Block to Accordion


Search for “Turn Yoast SEO FAQ Block to Accordion” under “Plugins” “Add New” in your WordPress dashboard to install the plugin.

Or install it manually:

  1. Download the plugin’s zip file.
  2. Go to Plugins Add New in your WordPress admin.
  3. Click on the Upload Plugin button.
  4. Select the file you downloaded.
  5. Click Install Plugin.
  6. Activate.


Will Google still index Yoast SEO FAQ schema block even if it is an accordion?

Yes, Google will index it without any problem. FAQ schema is added in the header section of your web page and it doesn’t have to do anything with the appearance of the FAQ section.

Can I change the appearance of FAQ section?

Straight answer is Yes, but for that you would need to use custom CSS. But don’t worry, if you are finding it difficult to change the appearance, just reach out to us and we will do it for you for FREE. Contact us here


2023년 4월 4일
Does exactly what it says in the name, and is accessibility ready, as of today. Yoast should really acquire this plugin. Fantastic, thanks!
2021년 12월 14일
Works very well for me to make FAQs into into small expandable sections I think I could do the same with CSS but I would need a child theme and to fiddle around. I like plugins like this which are free and do something you could DIY but this saves you a lot of time! Thank you very much yasir129
2021년 3월 9일 답글 1개
Exactly what I was looking for, looks very clean and extremely simple to use. Just fill the Yoast FAQ block and your done, no need to go outside the Gutenberg environment. Without this plugin I would not use the Yoast FAQ block.
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  • Updated the plugin to ensure compatibility with Yoast SEO version 22.7


  • Made the accordion accessible and made them “Accessibility Ready”
  • Every question and answer now have a unique ID assigned to it


  • Made changes in JS script to make it compatible with latest jQuery version


  • Changed name of plugin to “Turn Yoast SEO FAQ Block to Accordion”


  • Minor Changes


  • Other FAQ’s get closed when a new FAQ is open


  • Initial release