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Not all themes work the same way, and sometimes switching themes can lead to a lot of headaches. If you’ve previously used a theme that supports featured images and displays them on single post views, you probably want to ensure that these images are still shown if you switch to a theme that doesn’t show featured images here, without editing all of your old content.

This plugin automatically displays featured images at the top of the content area on single post views. It doesn’t check whether your theme displays them, so you’ll get double featured images if it does. It works via a filter, so if you ever switch themes again to one that does support featured images on single views, you can deactivate this plugin and things will go right back to normal. No information is saved in the database and no additional special image sizes are generated in this plugin.

Possible Core Material

This plugin may be material for WordPress core if it were to display featured images that exist when the current theme doesn’t support featured images. While this would reduce the potential for content loss, it would also have a significant affect on existing content.


  • Featured image in an image-format post with only a title and featured, displayed in Twenty Ten (which doesn’t support featured images). Without the plugin, only the post title displays.


  1. Take the easy route and install through the WordPress plugin adder OR
  2. Download the .zip file and upload the unzipped folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. 워드프레스의 ‘플러그인’ 메뉴에서 플러그인을 활성화하세요.
  4. Featured images that have been added will start showing up on single views immediately, at the top of the content.


Where’s the settings page?

For simplicity’s sake, no settings page is included. While there are a few potential options, I don’t feel that they would be worth the extra bloat of a settings page. If you would like to make adjustments, I suggest implementing your own plugin based on this one (feel free to copy/paste, then rename it) – the code is very simple and can be easily adjusted to related needs.


2020년 5월 13일
Thank you!! Got headaches as why a certain theme don’t show featured images. This plugin just solves it without any fuss Great!
2018년 9월 10일
This plugin makes all my worries to be gone as my features images can now show in my post content.
2018년 1월 5일
I am using PArabola theme and have been happy with it except I missed the featured image in the posts. This just solves this.
2017년 6월 5일 답글 1개
I switched to a new theme (wisteria) last week which I like a lot but the one issue I had was that it did not display all my featured images I had set up over the years in my individual posts. This plugin solved that problem with a level of ease unrivaled in web design. It took about ten seconds to install and have the solution on all my pages. Thank you so much for this plugin.
2017년 1월 24일
This plugin is so easy to use. I just installed and I had the featured image in the post. No need to mess up with code.A boon to non-coders like me. Thank You very much.
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