FindWord TSW


Search tool helper to find text on page. Can be used a a sidebar widget to cover any volume of text either on the page or in the content of the article itself. This is set as a default to find text specifically that is in a single post article. You can expand this by changing the name of the CSS class that your searchable text is enclosed in.

Let us say you are wanting to include the sidebars and the header and the footer of the page as part of your search. In this case, you would change the name of the Wrapper Class to the same name as your body class for example, in which the body tag element would get a new data type of “data-finder-content” once you save your Wrapper Class name to the plugin Options Settings page.

Helps your readers find text on the page if articles are long. Can also be used as a writting developer tool to count keywords in an article.

Upgrade link for this plugin: FindWordPlus
Why upgrade:

  • Fixed position of widget on page.
  • Clipboard organizer to save keyword text to.
  • Word counter for page text content.
  • Clock for timing reads.
  • Predefined text in Toolbox or add you own.
  • Add promotion link or advert link to tool box.
  • Change box-shadow and button colors as well as icons in buttons.
  • Change pixel size inside findword content area.
  • Select or remove modules you want readers to see.


Highlight javascript for jQuery based on highlight v3 by Johann Burkard
scrollTo javascript for jQuery based on Ariel Flesler version 2.1.3


  • On page widget – shortcode also available
  • Admin options settings page


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload findword-tsw.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place widget FindWord or place shortcode [findword] to page.
  4. Find class name of page content and add to Setting admin page.


2023년 2월 7일 답글 1개
You need to find something on your WP site?You’ve found your finder, and this is it.Does exactly what it says and does it well.
2023년 2월 4일 답글 1개
Great plugin. Very usable for websites with text like blogs.It’s great and simple to install on pages or sidebars with a shortcode.I recommend!
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  • tested on WP 6.5
  • update version


  • corrected php render in widget


  • corrected link text
  • file inc/class-findowrod-tsw
  • file findword-tsw
  • file admin/partials/-admin-display
  • file this


  • added link to free download


  • fixed checked


  • fixed scrollto for Chrome and Opera


  • fixed default values for options
  • added uninstall hook


  • put js in footer
  • fixed jquery slim animate


  • Added context for premium version link


  • fixed json error in shortcode


  • fixed url path to script


  • Changed file name to conventional


  • corrections to sanitize outputs
  • added main to
  • removed unused code


  • Initial release