Fix Alt Text


It is increasingly important for you to make your images meet accessibility standards. Images must have alternative text (alt text) added so that the visually impaired can use screen readers to understand the purpose and context of the image displayed on the screen.

In addition to making your site more accessible, using alt text helps your site rank better in search engines. This is an added SEO benefit for marketers.

Unfortunately, as a site grows, it becomes difficult and time-consuming to edit and maintain image alt text. Fix Alt Text plugin can help you discover where alt text is needed, quickly fix issues, and even force users to input alt text as images are used throughout the site in the future.


  • Find Usage: Easily find all uses of alt text by scanning the site
  • Find keyword usage: Search for specific keywords used in alt text
  • Inline Editing: Instantly edit alt text without manually editing and searching through the content of a post, attachment, or custom post type
  • Detect Issues: Quickly identify issues with your alt text to assist you in ADA compliance
  • Toggle Features: Control which features are active for maximum flexibility
  • Tool Access: Control which user roles have access to the plugin
  • Settings Access: Control which user roles have access to changing settings
  • Global Settings: In a multisite setup, save time by using global settings and select which sites will inherit those settings
  • Fully Multisite Compatible: Force sites within the network to use global network settings for easy management

Bonus Features

  • Privacy: It does not use any 3rd-party tracking
  • No Sales Pitches: It does not sell or promote any pro plugins
  • Free: It’s currently and will continue to be a Free plugin!
  • No Littering: It cleans up after itself if uninstalled or when a blog is removed from a multisite network.

Compatible With

  • WP Gutenberg Editor
  • WP Classic Editor
  • Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • PHP Versions 7.4, 8.0, 8.1

Language Support


  • Dashboard: Initial scan is needed
  • Site Settings: Overwritten by network settings
  • Network Settings: Edit network settings and see scan status of all sites
  • Dashboard: Running full scan
  • Dashboard: Scan complete. Displaying issues and notifications
  • Alt Text: Found references involving alt text
  • Alt Text: Preview image and inline editing
  • Gutenberg Editor: Forcing Alt Text
  • Media Library: Forcing Alt Text


2022년 7월 2일
Instead of automattic ALT tag filler plugins, which rarely work well, this plugin offers a very good overview of missing and existing ALT tags with the possibility to edit them manually right from the plugin, without annoying searches in the media library.
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Release Date – 25 Mar 2022
* Bug Fix: non-static function called statically caused a fatal error


Release Date – 25 Mar 2022
* Bug Fix: delete_post hook was sending 1 parameter instead of 2 and caused a fatal error


Release Date – 24 Mar 2022
* New Feature: Scans now detect image alt text associated with taxonomies and users
* New Feature: Settings include ability to select which taxonomies to scan
* New Feature: Settings include ability to toggle on/off user scanning
* Improvement: Added labels to post types to be scanned in settings area
* Improvement: Minor styling adjustments
* Improvement: Minor performance tuning
* Accessibility: Missing labels for Notification checkboxes
* Bug Fix: The notification that a new scan is needed after saving settings was not displayed to the user immediately
* Bug Fix: Search highlighting would cause a fatal error if the text being searched included a percent sign
* Bug Fix: Iterating over a null value when setting checkboxes to checked if no settings initially existed. PHP Warning thrown.
* Bug Fix: On new scan, the database would get cleared out even if the scan failed. Functionality moved to run when confirmed that the scan is going to run.
* Bug Fix: Settings page background would flicker due to css hover effect on tables.
* Tested up to 5.9.2


Release Date – 11 Feb 2022
* Accessibility: Dropdown menus on Alt Text screen did not have labels
* Accessibility: Table Row actions & inline edit link don’t become visible on :focus
* Accessibility: User Access settings did not have labels
* Bug Fix: Multiple links were opening in new tabs unintentionally.
* Thank you Joe Dolson (@joedolson) for reviewing the plugin and providing great feedback!


Release Date – 10 Feb 2022
* Bug Fix: JS error when defining jQuery constant for shorthand
* Minor Improvements


Release Date – 01 Feb 2022
* Initial Release