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FlexOffers is a recognized leader in performance-based marketing. We employ a “one-roof” approach that enables us to work with over 10K advertisers across 65 networks and over 75K publisher programs. Become one of the many affiliate partners we assist in achieving unlimited strategic growth.


The extension works by appending our sale attribution technology onto your shop website and populating the relevant dynamic variables required to record conversions for your affiliate programme. Use of the FlexOffers extension will not change the appearance of your e-commerce site.

To use this extension you must have a FlexOffers advertiser account, please contact our sales department for further information if you wish to join as an advertiser. Additional fees apply.


  • Enhanced Sale Attribution Available within the extension is our core tracking technology, which directly feeds into our reporting suite at FlexOffers. These transactions are transparently displayed in the FlexOffers interface. Within this package, we provide accessibility to our MasterTag and Server-to-Server solution which allows for enhanced and accurate conversion tracking.
  • Promote your product or service with our turn-key, cost-effective solution, & access thousands of diverse publishers!
  • **Product Level Tracking (PLT) PLT enables an advertiser to produce more in-depth reporting where the performance of individual products can easily be measured. Monitor the effectiveness of different product promotions and their impact on consumers’ buying behaviour in the affiliate channel.
  • Privacy

    For the purpose of attributing sales and commissions to publishers, FlexOffers will process checkout information including the order reference. This data will be sent and processed on the track.flexlinkspro.com domain. Any queries regarding the processing of this data can be directed to your dedicated integration contact. Please also see our [privacy policy.] https://www.flexoffers.com/privacy-policy/



    1. Install the plugin
    2. Click on Settings
    3. Logged In through your Advertiser Pro Credentials
    4. Click on Install
    5. Done


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