Food Recipes


Create recipe blog in Divi. Add recipe data in admin area. Create recipe layout in Divi builder. LD+JSON recipe schema available in premium version

Create Beautiful Looking SEO Optimized Recipes Like A Pro!

Creating a professional food blog in couple of hours! We’ve taken away all the complexities of creating a food blog

We provide

  • 20+ divi modules to create flexible layouts. Tons of styling options included for each module. Some of them are –
    • Recipe Video (Premium)
    • Recipe Image
    • Recipe Tools/Equipments (Premium)
    • Recipe Instructions
    • Recipe Preparation Time
    • Recipe Cook Time
    • Recipe Total Time
    • Recipe Rating Summary (Premium)
    • Recipe Rating Input Form (Premium)
    • Recipe Rating Listing (Premium)
    • Recipe Nutrients (Premium)
    • Recipe Cuisine
    • Recipe Categories
    • Recipe Title
    • Recipe Description
    • Recipe Author
    • Recipe Notes, etc
  • Pre-build divi layouts to import into your divi theme builder & create beautiful recipe page in minutes.
  • Recipe LD+JSON Schema support included. You provide the data and we do the heavy lifting. (Premium)
    • Increase your ranking and visitors on your food blog.

Concentrate on creating mouth watering recipe instructions while we handle the rest!

JSON+LD Recipe SEO (Premium)

Search engines supports Recipe LD+JSON schema.

Search engines read the Recipe Schema Data and display rich snippets on search result pages.

We auto-generate this Recipe LD+JSON schema with the data you provide!

It leads to more traffic on your website and better visibility on search engine result pages.

Who wouldn’t want to be in Google’s good books?

How Does It Work

  • You add the recipe in the WordPress admin.
    • We have an ‘Food Recipe’ section in admin where you can add the data.
    • We provide an exhaustive list of data fields. The more complete data you add, the better your recipe blog would be!
  • You create the recipe layout
    • Either import a pre-built layout OR
    • Create a custom layout using our 20+ divi modules.
  • We auto-generate JSON+LD recipe schema data. (Premium)
  • Your optimized food blog is now ready to serve!

Premium Version

Premium version this plugin is available at

It has following additional features.

  • JSON+LD Recipe Schema data generation.
  • Equipments for recipe + ability create affiliate link
  • Affiliate links for recipe ingredients
  • Divi Video Module & video post meta data
  • Divi Nutrition Module & nutrition post meta data
  • Divi Ratings & Reviews Module
  • Divi Ratings & Reviews Listing Module
  • Divi Ratings Summary Module


  • Recipe Layout In Divi Theme
  • Recipe schema on Google search engine result page (SERP).
  • Recipe plugin - how it works


  1. Upload food-recipe to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the “Food Recipe” plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Any there any dependencies for this plugin?

This plugin has the following dependencies.


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  • Removed debugging code from print layout.


  • Added print recipe page template. One can show/hide content, change servings and set page size. Add ?print=1 to the page url to render the print template
  • Freemius SDK update


  • Added internationalization.
  • Freemius SDK update


  • Ability to change author for the recipe post. Freemius SDK upgraded


  • Renamed “Category”/”Categories” to “Food Category”/”Food Categories”. Helps to better identify in divi template builder


  • Added featured image for recipe.


  • Forcing gutenberg editor on food recipe custom post types


  • Composer compatible with php 7.2.0


  • Upgraded freemius to 2.4.3
  • WordPress 5.9.1 compatible


  • Fixed assets issue.


  • Freemius SDK upgrade v2.4.2
  • Added integration for Divi Ultimate Carousel’s post type and taxonomy carousel
  • Bug fix – Taxonomy edit page had issues due to placeholder image url generation.


  • Added divi support for recipe title, author, cook time, course , cuisine, description, equipment, image, ingredient, instructions, notes, nutrition, prep time, rating form, ratings list , rating summary, total time, video modules.
  • Freemius v2.4.1 integration


  • Generating JSON+LD schema data for recipe


  • Added post types for recipe, equipment and ingredients
  • Added post meta for recipe, equipment and ingredients


Initial recipe plugin scaffolding.