Forminix – Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder for WordPress


Easy and Powerful Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder to create contact forms, survey forms and custom forms in minutes.

Powerful drag and drop form builder plugin for WordPress with more than 30 form fields and container to make the orientation as per need.

Create Fast and Lightweight forms using the Powerful drag and drop form builder plugin. Fully responsive form created with Forminix that runs smoothly on all screen-sized devices. View contact form entries with the rich informative entries portal which allows to report field data, user’s location, device and more. Forms can be displayed anywhere using Shortcode. This will allow to use Forminix no matter which theme are being used in the site.

Forminix contact form builder provides maximum features that one needs to create and manage forms in the site. Forminix was intentionally built for users who are not able to purchase a Pro plugin just for few necessary features to create and manage forms.

Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder

Powerful drag and drop WordPress contact form plugin to build visually appealing forms without coding experience.

From simple text input field to radio buttons or file upload to submit buttons, we have all necessary form fields you need to create perfect forms for your site. Just choose the fields you like to add, and drag them over to your form.

More than 30 form building components are included in Forminix Form Builder.

  • Name: Single Line Text Input Field for person’s name.
  • Email Address: Single Line Text Input Field for taking email address in contact forms.
  • Date and Time: Input field to take date and time input.
  • Dropdown: Input field to list down various options.
  • Check Box: Allows to choose only multiple options from list of items.
  • File Upload: Input field to allow upload files in forms.
  • Custom HTML: Allows to add custom HTML codes inside your forms.
  • Google reCAPTCHA: Allows to check humans on form submission to improve security.
  • and more…

File Upload Field

Along with the standard fields that practically every form builder has, Forminix has a convenient file upload field that you can add to any form. Let your users upload documents, files, photos, and music easily through your contact form with the File Upload Field.

Just like other form fields, different types of validation can be implemented. Add necessary rules including file type, file size limit to fulfil your requirements.

Smart Conditional Logic

Show or hide fields based on user behavior, so you can collect the most relevant information.

With conditional logic, your WordPress forms will dynamically change based on the selections the user makes while filling out your wordpress forms. The goal of the conditional logics is to allow you to create smart powerful and useful forms that give you the best results.

There are many possible use-cases of conditional logic in WordPress forms. In example, if Gender is Male then display the Age field or if Email doesn’t have “” then display the Website URL Field.


Connect you forms with many other tools or services to automatically pass form submission data to automate your work.

Automatically create subscriber to your Mailchimp, Mailjet or other CRM when a form is submitted. Also the Zapier or Pabbly integrations let you connect Forminix with more than hundreds services.

Mailchimp and Slack Integrations are available on the Free version of Forminix.

Multi-column Form Layout

Create single-column or multi-column form layout using Containers.

Web form layout plays a large role in how well your form converts. Visitors will easily convert since you’ve created a web form that’s hassle-free and feels both professional and thoughtful. You can organize your form fields into any amount of columns using Forminix contact form builder plugin for WordPress

You can also display the Field Label in 12 different places around the field such as Top Left, Left Center, Bottom Right and more.

Form Scheduling and Restriction

Schedule your forms to let users submit between specified date range. Also you can auto schedule on specific weekdays only when the form will be available.

Also you can restrict your forms being submitted from users who are not logged-in. More restriction functionality are being added day by day.

Form Field Customization

Fields of your contact form can be customized to change the default design.

Customizing your forms has never been easier. According to your need, you can customize design and colors of form fields, labels, buttons etc. Also custom CSS can be applied to do more.

Also manage the confirmation message system once the form is submitted to display appropriate message or redirect to different page or URL.

Form Submission Entry Management

Flexibly view, search or delete your contact form entries right from the WordPress dashboard

Forminix contact form plugin for WordPress lets you get detailed information of the user who is submitting the form along with the submitted data. When the form is submitted, from which URL or page it is submitted, user’s IP address, browser information, device information and many more is automatically tracked by Forminix.

Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly Contact Forms

Fully responsive forms created with Forminix that runs smoothly on all screen-sized devices.

Super lightweight and optimized WordPress contact form builder plugin to ensure maximum speed. We are always focused on minimal impact on memory usage and page speed


  1. Export Entries: The Pro version of Forminix Contact Form Builder for WordPress allows you to export single or multiple entries at a time as CSV file. The CSV will contain detailed Form Submission data along with IP Address and Links from where the form is submitted.
  2. Email Notification to Admin: One or Multiple Email Notification can be set on Contact Form Submission to specific emails. These notifications are helpful to understand that a form has been submitted.
  3. Email Notification to User: Forminix Contact Form Maker Pro allows to automatically send a Thank You or other types of Email to the user who is submitting the form. Custom Form Field can be selected that will be considered as the email of the user to make the automation.
  4. Form Export / Import: The whole form including the form design, submitted entries, settings are able to be exported and imported to a different site or same site.
  5. Mailjet Integration: Automatically subscribe the form submitter into Mailjet Contact List. Multiple Mailjet integrations are possible at a time.
  6. Zapier Integration: Connect Zapier using webhook to make Forminix connected with hundreds of other services.
  7. Pabbly Integration: Connect Pabbly using webhook to process form data with hundreds of other services.
  8. User Registration: Automatically create new WordPress user on form submission using the form field data.
  9. Sendinblue Integration: Automatically add Sendinblue Subscriber into your specific contact list when a user submits the form.
  10. MailerLite Integration: Automatically add MailerLite Subscriber into your specific group when a user submits the form.
  11. ActiveCampaign Integration: Automatically add ActiveCampaign Subscriber into your specific list when a user submits the form.
  12. MailPoet Integration: Automatically add MailPoet Subscriber into your specific list when a user submits the form.
  13. PayPal Integration: Enable PayPal payment after the form submission to create payment forms and accept payments.
  14. HubSpot Integration: Automatically add Subscriber into HubSpot contact list when a user submits the form.
  15. Trello Integration: Automatically create cards with field data into Trello list of a board when a user submits the form.
  16. Drip Integration: Automatically add subscriber into your Drip contact list when a user submits the form.


The plugin is very easy to use in WordPress. Just follow these quick steps-

  1. Install Forminix and activate it.
  2. Click on the Forminix menu on your WordPress dashboard.
  3. You will see a blank page with a button named “Create your first Form”
  4. Click on it and start designing your Contact Forms, Survey Forms or any Custom Forms using the Drag & Drop Form Builder.
  5. Then click on the Save Form button.
  6. Once it’s saved, click on the appeared Shortcode beside the save button to copy it.
  7. Place the shortcode on your desired page, posts or inside theme to start displaying the Form.


  • Powerful Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder.
  • Fully responsive contact form created with Forminix.
  • Different form layout with customized label alignment .
  • View form entries with the necessary information.


The easy way.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “Forminix”. Click on Install and then Activate the Plugin.

That’s it, Forminix is now activated on your site!

The hard way..

Download “Forminix” and then extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


1. Who should use Forminix?

Forminix is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers, and basically everyone else. If you want to create custom WordPress forms, contact forms or survey forms, then you need to use Forminix.

2. Will Forminix Form Builder slow down my website?

Absolutely not. Forminix is carefully built with performance in mind. Our plugin is one of the most lowest-sized and lightweight plugins available. Forms created with Forminix loads faster in site.

3. Can I view submitted Form entries?

Yes, there may be other plugins available who forces to buy, but Forminix provides all must have necessary features for free.

4. Do I need coding skills to create Contact Forms using Forminix?

Forminix is built with beginners in mind. Anyone without any coding background can easily create and manage contact form for every need.

5. Can I customize default form field designs?

Yes, customization of colors and designs are very easy using Forminix. Even you can use custom CSS on your theme to avail your own design.


2022년 7월 17일
I used the conditional logic feature and I must say that this complex feature is made too easy to use in this plugin. Love it.
2022년 4월 10일
I love this plugin for 2 reasons: 1. It's offering too much features for free. 2. It's super fast loading form builder and never slow down my site.
2022년 3월 31일
Too easy to use, no complex. Best form builder for free I've ever used.
2022년 3월 30일
Perfect plugin to my needs, it does even more than I looked for (for example File Upload Field). File Upload is a premium feature in most of the plugins but it is Free in Forminix
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Several new integration module has been added.
1. Trello Integration has been added to create cards with field data into Trello list of a board when a form is submitted
2. Drip Integration has been added to add subscriber into Drip’s contact list when a form is submitted


Several new form fields has been added in this release.
1. Color Picker Field has been developed to allow your users choose color
2. Shortcode field to add shortcode between form fields
3. Single Range Slider Field added to allow enter range between minimum and maximum value
4. Dual Range Slider Field added to allow enter range of a minimum and maximum value
5. Color customization setting for range slider has been added


New integration and form field have been added.
1. Phone Number Field has been added to allow enter phone number on form submission
2. PayPal Integration has been added to create payment form in order to collect payment from customer
3. HubSpot Integration has been added to add subscriber into HubSpot contact list when a form is submitted
4. Conditional Logic on Integrations has been developed to trigger an integration based on logic


New integration and form field have been added.
1. Rich Text Field has been added to allow enter format-able content on form submission
2. MailPoet Integration has been added to automatically add subscriber in MailPoet contacts when a form is submitted


More integration and logic control in existing feature have been added.
1. Conditional Logic in Email Notification has been developed to apply single or multiple condition on email notifications to be fired up
2. ActiveCampaign Integration has been added to automatically add subscriber in ActiveCampaign contacts when a form is submitted


More integrations and new Form Field have been added to make the form building more powerful.
1. Address Field has been added that will help to add address lines, city, zip, state and country fields in form at once
2. Sendinblue integration has been added in the premium version of the plugin to automatically create subscriber on form submission
3. MailerLite integration has been added in the premium version of the plugin to automatically create subscriber on form submission


More integrations and Form Templates have been added to have more out of the box.
1. Few new form templates have been added that will help create forms faster for different needs
2. Slack integration has been added to automatically send message on Slack Channel when a form is submitted
3. Builder has been updated to decrease conflict issues and displaying confirmation on leaving unsaved


New integrations and advanced settings to provide extra securities to your form.
1. Form Scheduling and Restriction have been added to make the form available just at the right time
2. Mailchimp integration has been updated with double opt-in functionality and added in the Free version of the plugin
3. WP User Registration integration has been added on Forminix Pro
4. New Module Manager to make available the modules or integrations you need only


New form field in the Free Plugin with more integrations added on Forminix Pro.
1. Google reCAPTCHA v2 has been added to secure form submission by humans
2. Zapier and Pabbly Integrations have been added on Forminix Pro


Improvement on Conditional Logic and Mailchimp Integration on Forminix Pro.
1. File size can be used for dynamic field displaying in Conditional Logic
2. Mailchimp and Mailjet Integration has been added on Forminix Pro


New Form Field and few ready templates have been added to fasten your form building experience.
1. Star Rating Field is added to show star rating option on your Forms
2. Some new pre made form templates have been developed


An important feature has been developed to unlock massive possibilities of usability of the plugin in future.
1. One click demo import to create forms from pre-made templates
2. Custom HTML Field has been added into the Form Builder to display custom design or sections inside your form


New Form Customization feature added to change the form layout.
1. Rich Label Alignment to show label in 12 different places around the form field
2. Performance improved to speed up the form builder


Compatible release with Forminix Pro Plugin.
1. Ability to work with the Pro Version of the plugin
2. Minor bugs fixed and performance improved


Minor updates with one field addition in Form Builder.
1. Added country field to add country selection option in forms
2. Editing Confirmation Message as HTML code option has been added in WP Editor


More settings added to make the Form Builder more powerful.
1. Option to automatically add uploaded files in WordPress Media Library
2. Option to add name attribute of form field


Several settings included to power up the form builder.
1. Options to display Help Message of the field as Tooltip or below field
2. Customization Settings to customize colors of help message


New features added to make form more powerful.
1. Dynamically display field based on values from another field
2. More secure escaping enabled for special characters


New customization settings added.
1. Vertical Padding of Form Fields
2. Horizontal Padding of Form Fields
3. Field Text Size
4. Text Size of Field Label


This is initial Release of Forminix