GETitOUT Media Exporter


This plugin will make GETitOUT able to export your custom content to wordpress, it will allow basic authentication through the wordpress REST API, as well as uploading different types of files to your wordpress media library.

It’s main use will be exporting your custom GETitOUT landing pages to your own wordpress server.


  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Go to your website details page of choise in GETitOUT.
  3. Click on Export HTML.
  4. Select ‘Send to website hosing’
  5. Fill the form with your data and you’re good to go!


  • Export HTML button.
  • Send to wordpress form.


  1. Download The plugin’s zip file
  2. In your wordpress admin page – plugins section, click on add new plugin
  3. Click on ‘Upload Plugin’
  4. Choose the downloaded zip file and activate the plugin


Why do I need to install a GETitOUT plugin in my wordpress server?

The plugin allows our application to communicate with your wordpress website and to send your custom created landing pages to it.


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