Gettext override translations


Lets you override default texts from your admin panel.
Originally built to override texts from Woocommerce, but also works for all neatly added texts by WordPress Core and plugins.

It will translate all _e(”) or __(”) string calls, so check the PHP sourcecode of the plugin or theme you need to translate.

It will NOT translate any dynamic strings like %s or %d, so “%s has been added to your cart.” is not translatable.

It will NOT translate any strings that contain HTML tags at all.

Some WooCommerce examples:
WooCommerce “Select option” (dropdown value) setting
Fullscreen Screenshot 3
WooCommerce “Select option” (dropdown value) translation result
Fullscreen Screenshot 4
WooCommerce “Order notes” setting
Fullscreen Screenshot 5
WooCommerce “Order notes” translation result
Fullscreen Screenshot 6

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  1. Upload directory Gettext override translations to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Click settings in your plugin list (or visit plugin submenu)
  4. You are ready to go!


How does this plugin work?

It uses a gettext WordPress filter

I have a lot of questions and I want support where can I go? or drop me a tweet to notify me of your support topic over here.
I always check my tweets, so mention my name with @ramonfincken and your problem.


2022년 3월 12일
Hi, really like the plugin, but I think it's weird to have it located in the plugins submenu of the WordPress menu. Maybe it's better to move it to tools/settings submenu? Keep up the good work!
2021년 6월 10일
I'm so happy to found this plugin! It just works perfectly! Thank you! It looks a bit buggy, but only visually, and it's not the problem at all to me. This image .../wp-content/plugins/gettext-override-translations/img/delete.png is in the wrong place. Delete image "X" is below the "Original (translated) text", so all text fields are moved to one place on the right side. Noobs will be confused, so will be best to fix that. Maybe to relocate the delete button next to the checkbox "protect settings". I hope I explained the problem understandable. Thanks again!
2017년 2월 24일
After trying several other alternatives which took me hours of testing and getting frustrated, this little plugin simply works! At least in woocommerce, others I have not tried. Thanks for this and keep up the good work.
2016년 9월 3일
In a WooCommerce shop for one of my customers I edited the .po file to change the default text into a more informal text. With every WooCommerce update the changes were gone and I needed to upload the files again. With this plugin I don't have to do that anymore. It's perfect if you want to translate / change (a few) strings in a plugin. Thank you!
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Bugfix: Improved for stored values 2.0.0


Bugfix: Improved for stored values 2.0.0


Bugfix: Fixed potential XSS input, by stripping all evil HTML.


Bugfix: Small PHP warning fixed


First public release