Date Time Field Add-On for Gravity Form


A date-time add-on for Gravity Forms with custom date time format:

  • This plugin will add new type of field under Advanced Fields as Date-Time.
  • Simply drag Date-Time field into the form.
  • You can also add custom date time format under General tab.
  • The date time format pattern must follow moment.js tokens. Click here to view moment.js date and time tokens.

Translations included

  • English
  • Français (French)



  1. Upload and unzip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


2022년 7월 7일 답글 1개
Essential date & time input add-on. But I want to set the specific hours/time like 04:00 and 05:30 Only, is it possible by shortcode? The add-on also does not load properly.
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  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_week_start_day to set start day of the week.


  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_hide_past_dates to hide past date in calendar view.


  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_time_format to change the time format for calendar.
  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_allow_time to allow specific time to select. Must use 24 hour format.
  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_datepicker to show/hide datepicker.
  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_calendar_timepicker to show/hide timepicker.
  • Add locale feature for date time picker. This uses WordPress locale settings.
  • Some minor fixes.


  • Fix JSON error when adding a shortcode and trying to save a page in the block editor.


  • Add a filter hook gf_awp_datetimepicker_script to allow users to override JavaScript/jQuery for date-time picker.


  • Fixed date-time picker loading after a Gravity Form is submitted via AJAX


  • Added a Date Time field for Gravity form
  • Added an option to add custom date time format