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The “Image Alt Text” plugin is a simple yet powerful tool that allows website owners and content creators to easily edit the alt tags for images on their website. Alt tags, or alternative text descriptions, are important for both accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes, as they provide a textual description of an image for users who are visually impaired or for search engines that cannot interpret images.

With this plugin, website owner and admins can easily edit alt tags for all images on their website directly from the Plugin Menu. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly update alt tags for individual images or copy alt text for all missing images. Additionally, the plugin includes a feature to generate alt tags based on the image file name, saving users time and effort.

Technical Support

We would always love to hear from you about plugin issue, queries and enhancements. Please use native support forum to benefit other users also if they have the same issue. Visit our support on the Plugin’s Forum.


  1. Provides a list existing media alt text details in table format so user can edit alternative text.

  2. Provides a list of media file for missing alternative text to update.

  3. Provides a option in both existing and missing alternative list to copy file name as alternative media file.

  4. Provides a button to update alternative text to missing alternative media file in bulk.

  5. Search images easily with available table column header.

  6. Sort image table data in ascending and descending order to easily find the images.

  7. Plugin is available for multisite also.


  • Images with Alternative Text
  • Images without Alternative Text


From Your WordPress Dashboard

  1. Go to Plugins >Add New
  2. Search for Image Alt Text
  3. Click on Install Now Button
  4. Click on Activate Now Button to use plugin in your site.


  1. Download Image Alt Text
  2. Upload the image-alt-text folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate Image Alt Text plugin from your plugins page.


How is this plugin different from default WordPress media?

This plugin allow you to easily edit the alternative text of images on the same page. It is easy for images with different parameters without page refresh.

How does this work for Bulk Alt Text?

This button is available only in tab Media Without Alt. When you press this button, it will ask your confirmation to copy file name to images where alternative text is missing. After confirmation it will copy for all the alternative text for all images that do not had the alt text.

Is there any redo button for **Bulk Alt Text** button?

No, there is not redo button for now.

Where can I ask for help?

Please reach out via the official support forum on


2024년 7월 13일 답글 1개
My client had uploaded over 1,000 images to her new WooCommerce website. I had code on the site that would, at least, use the filename as the alt text, but that really was only suitable for about 10% of the images. The rest had alt text like “img0001” and needed to be edited. The interface provided by this plugin allowed her to, bit by bit, efficiently edit all of these tags in a logical and sequential way.
2024년 7월 1일 답글 1개
Like your plugin – it does a great job as far as it goes. It updates the media library really well and it’s simple enough for a regular user. If you have already used the image I’m not finding that it updates the alt where the image has been used so I instruct my users to go back and reselect the image after the alt tag has been added in order to fix it. I could be wrong about this. I am also thinking that I have yet to see anyone fix an alt tag after an image has been selected, except manually.
2024년 6월 11일 답글 2개
Hey, nice little PlugIn but you have to do each image one at a time and when you have 300+ images with not alt tag its a bit of a bore…. But hey, it does the job so just get it done…/ And yes, it was my fault I had 300+ images with no alt tag
2024년 3월 12일 답글 1개
This plugin quickly solved the problem with missing alt tags. The ability to add tags at once is amazing!
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  • Implementation – Available for multisite installed
  • Improvement – Data loading with fast speed


Release Date: February 28th, 2023
* Initial release on