Impact: Partnership Cloud


The purpose of this plugin is to offer users of the Impact brand the
possibility of ensuring that all transactions made through its site are
being recorded and it allows to keep track of all clicks made.

About Impact: Partnership Cloud

Along with traditional sales and marketing, the partnerships channel is an essential tool for modern ecommerce growth. Many leading brands rely on partnerships to find new customers and drive sales in a scalable, cost-effective way.

Partnership Cloud is an integrated end-to-end solution for managing an enterprise’s partnerships across the entire partner lifecycle to activate rapid growth through the emerging PARTNERSHIP ECONOMY.

From discovery, recruitment and contracting to tracking, optimizing and commissioning, Impact’s Partnership Cloud helps drive growth from partners across the spectrum. Managing a thriving partnership program takes more than just getting partners to sign on the dotted line — it’s about building a relationship and each stage of that relationship needs special attention. But how can you keep thousands of partners productive? Partnership Cloud will help you get started with your Partner program in minutes.


Discover perfectly aligned global partners – and add them to your partnership program with ease. Save time finding partners with powerful automation technology.


Good contracts make for good partnerships – Choose your desired business outcomes, then reward the partners that drive them. Define your terms with flexible electronic contracting and automatically settle payments in 70+ currencies.


Track everything, all the time – Accurately track partners across web and app properties and attribute performance, no matter how many devices customers use.


Keep your partners engaged and measure their performance – Proactive messaging and automated workflows make sure partners stay informed, productive, and on-brand.


Identify suspicious payments – Benefit from an industry first: machine learning-based fraud scoring for your partnership program. Suppress and reverse payouts to high-risk sources. Streamline your quality assurance and partner relationship management all at once.


Actionable insights at your fingertips – Continually optimize your partnerships to drive growth and increase efficiency.


  • Notifications for Partnership Cloud customers.
  • Form to input Impact settings


2022년 8월 2일
I became a client of Impact, and just happened to be running my e-commerce site on wordpress with woocommerce. The plugin and support I received from Impact was outstanding every step of the way. I installed the plugin, and the team at Impact supported me with detailed instructions for entering the settings for my account. We ran a test and everything worked beautifully the very first time. Everything is running smoothly now and I'm setting my sights toward the future and growing my business. I highly recommend Impact and this plugin.
2022년 2월 3일 1 reply
The plugin does nothing. There is no settings page, not even an installation guide. I do not recommend!
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