Import Google Docs into WordPress – ImportPress


Import Google Docs into WordPress Without Copy & Paste

Stop wasting precious time copying, pasting, and reformatting your Google Docs content in WordPress. Automatically import
content into WordPress posts that look great!

Shave Hours Off Your Workflow in 3 Steps

1. Write content like you always have

Leverage the power of Google Docs to draft, format, and iterate content like you typically do.

  • Use headings, bold, italics, underlines, bullets, tables, and page breaks to format your content
  • Import images from Google Drive or your computer and resize or crop them to fit
  • Use links to anchor to different sections of your content or link to other pages on your site

2. Select your document from Google Drive

Choose what you would like to import from Google Drive into WordPress. (Pro-tip: You can import multiple documents at
a time, including those authored by you, your team, or anyone else who has shared access to them.) Change the title,
status, post type, category, and authors as needed before importing.

3. Import document into WordPress

Click Import and your Google Docs will automatically convert into WordPress posts. Images will be uploaded to your media library
and attached to your post. Your content formatting should match the look and feel of your site!


  • Connect ImportPress to your WordPress site
  • Write your content in Google Docs as you normally would
  • From ImportPress, Select your content from Google Drive
  • Import your content into WordPress posts or pages
  • Review the results in WordPress and click "Publish"


  1. Install and Activate the ImportPress plugin
  2. Go to Settings > ImportPress and click “Connect
  3. Confirm your site’s connection to ImportPress in the dialog box

Note: This plugin connects to the ImportPress web application located at


If you have questions about ImportPress or run into any issues connecting your WordPress site to ImportPress, please contact


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  • Update REST API configuration to utilize updated WordPress API requirements


  • Added support for importing updated documents and embedded images


  • Fixed image resize and how it interacts with crop


  • Fixed intermittent crop issue
  • Improved error handling throughout plugin
  • Re-wrote notices and settings page text to be clearer


  • Initial release to plugin directory