Keap Landing Pages


With Keap’s landing page plugin for WordPress, you can connect the landing pages you create and publish to campaigns in your Keap account to your WordPress website. That way, leads generated from your website will automatically get added as contacts in your Keap account.

Follow these steps to publish Keap landing pages on your WordPress website:

  • Build and publish your landing page in Keap
  • Install this plugin
  • Obtain your Service Account Key (SAK) from your Keap app and enter it on the plugin settings page
  • Select a Keap landing page from the displayed list
  • Assign a new URL (slug) that you’d like the landing page to appear on

Now, you’ll be able to launch your landing page on your own domain without needing to know how to code!

More than 100,000 people use Keap. Here are just some of the things they love about Keap Landing Pages:

  • Publishing pages to their own WordPress domain
  • Having access to thousands of high-quality, royalty-free images
  • Choosing from 70+ free templates
  • Completely customizable, mobile responsive pages
  • Working with industry leading page load speeds
  • Easy Google Analytics tagging and Facebook Pixel tracking

*Special thanks to David Bullock of Memberium for his contribution to this plugin.


2018년 3월 20일
So long, long URLs. Added a domain ( to our main domain. Installed WP, this plugin and Presto. Landing page central. 🙂
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  • Updated to utilize SAK authentication
  • Updated to support WordPress sites running in sub-directories
  • Updated branding


  • Add viewport metatag to allow mobile views in rendered landing pages


  • Update to use Landing pages API for fetching form options


  • various bugfixes


  • Initial release