Inventory Sync for WooCommerce


Inventory Sync for WooCommerce allows to sync the stock of the products with the same SKUs between two WooCommerce stores.


  • Allows to sync not only Stock quantity, but also Stock Status and Stock Management checkbox value.
  • Product variations are supported (must have the same SKU as well).
  • Instantly syncs stock changes when a product is purchased or edited via WordPress or an order is refunded or cancelled.
  • Two-directional product stock sync is supported.

Pro features

  • Unlimited amount of WooCommerce stores is supported.
  • Works with both regular WordPress sites and Multisite networks.

Upgrade to Pro


  • Inventory sync happens automatically and plugin doesn’t even have any settings except the REST API authentication data of a site you are about to sync stock info with.
  • Stock status, Stock management and Quantity are the fields that will be synced.


Automatic Install

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins → Add New
  2. Search for “Inventory Sync for WooCommerce”
  3. Click “Install Now” under the “Inventory Sync for WooCommerce” plugin
  4. Click “Activate Now”

Manual Install

  1. Download the plugin from the download button on this page
  2. Unzip the file, and upload the resulting inventory-sync-for-woocommerce folder to your /wp-content/plugins directory
  3. Log into your WordPress dashboard and go to Plugins
  4. Click “Activate” under the “Inventory Sync for WooCommerce” plugin


Does it work on localhost?

Yes. The inventory sync is going to work great between localhost websites or from the localhost to a remote site. Do not forget though that in order to create an application password on the localhost you need to set WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE to local in your wp-config.php file.

Does it support two-directional inventory sync?

Yes. But in this case you need to install the plugin on both sites and add each one in the plugin settings.


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  • Added support for cancelled and refunded orders


  • Bug fixes


  • Initial release