Featured images for Jetpack Mobile Theme


Adds Featured Images before the content, in the Jetpack Mobile theme

Important: for this plugin to work, you must activate Jetpack first, and activate the Mobile Theme module. This plugin requires Jetpack 2.3.

By default, this plugin only adds Featured Images on the home page. If you want to display them on the Post pages as well, go to the Jetpack Menu, and click on “Configure” under the Mobile Theme module. You will be able to enable Featured Images on Posts pages from there.

This plugin is a work in progress. You can report issues here, or submit a pull request on GitHub.


  1. Install the Jetpack plugin, connect the plugin to WordPress.com
  2. Activate the Mobile Theme module
  3. Install the Jetpack Mobile Theme Featured images plugin via the WordPress.org plugin repository, or via your dashboard
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Enjoy 🙂


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  • Use the minileven_show_featured_images filter to control where the images are displayed


  • Remove the code generating the post thumbnails, just use the new wp_mobile_featured_images option added to Jetpack in 2.3


  • Do not show Featured Images when a moblie user forces the Full Site view


  • Do not add Featured Images on tablets
  • Add a new option to display featured images on Post pages as well


  • Simplify coding style, props @evansolomon


  • Do not add any Featured Image in the menu
  • Always display the post title, even when there is no Featured Image


  • Initial Release