Integrate Kluvos easily with your WooCommerce store! Kluvos is your powerful data partner for modern ecommerce businesses. This powerful plugin provides comprehensive analytics and attribution insights — helping you see more about what’s happening on your store and everything that has contributed to a sale. Kluvos’ official plugin for WooCommerce/Wordpress.

Please note that to use this plugin, you must have a Kluvos account and be running WooCommerce.


  • Advanced Analytics: Gain deep insights into your store’s traffic allowing you to make informed decisions to grow your business.

  • Attribution Tracking: Understand the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and discover which channels contribute most to your sales.

  • Easy Setup: Get started quickly with a straightforward installation process. Just sign up for a Kluvos account, and you’re ready to go.


For any questions or assistance, please email our support team at support@kluvos.com.

Third-Party Services

This plugin adds scripts from and sends data to an externally-hosted service at https://kluvos.com. These scripts are necessary for the functionality of this plugin. All data is collected, stored, and processed by Kluvos, LLC. Additional details can be seen in our privacy policy: https://kluvos.com/pages/privacy


  1. Sign up for a Kluvos account at https://kluvos.com/users/sign_up.

  2. Install and activate the Kluvos plugin on your WordPress site.

  3. Authenticate Kluvos with WooCommerce in the Kluvos “Set-Up” section.


How do I create a Kluvos account

To create an account, click here: https://kluvos.com/users/sign_up.

Will this plugin work for standard websites?

This is a plugin designed only for ecommerce sites and requires WooCommerce be installed on your store.

Where can I find my dashboard?

Your store data will show up in your Kluvos dashboard on https://kluvos.com.


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  • Integration enhancements.
  • New Authentication requirements.


  • Added viewed product event.
  • Improved data collected during events.
  • Improved existing add to cart events.

  • Initial release