Kudos Donations


Kudos Donations allows you to add a donate button anywhere on your website. Once a user clicks this button they will be greeted with a configurable pop-up window, where they can enter their details and how much they would like to donate. Features of this plugin include:

  • Smart and modern design
  • Connect with Mollie for secure payments by credit card, iDEAL and many others
  • Use the provided Gutenberg block or shortcode to place your button
  • Buttons and form can be configured all at once or individually
  • View all your transactions from the WordPress dashboard


//Use the default settings

//Customise button text
[kudos button="Help us out!"]

//Customise header text
[kudos header="Support our cause"]

//Customise message text
[kudos body="Thank you for donating to this project. We really appreciate your support."]

//A fully customised button and text would look like this
[kudos button="Help us out!" header="Support our cause" body="Thank you for donating to this project. We really appreciate your support."]


The Git repository for this plugin can be found here.


  • Kudos modal
  • Thank you pop-up
  • Settings page
  • The Kudos block
  • Transactions screen


  1. Install using the WordPress plugin control panel or manually download the plugin and upload the kudos-donations folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to the ‘Kudos Settings’ menu in the dashboard and follow the instructions to get started.


What vendors can I use with this plugin?

This plugin uses Mollie as a payment vendor. Mollie allows you to pay using a wide range of payment methods such as iDeal, Credit Card and PayPal. For a full list of payment methods please check out this link.


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  • Added – transactions table now shows record count per filter
  • Added – return message now shows currency symbol
  • Fixed – if log file cannot be written this no longer prevents plugin from working
  • Fixed – export now only exports transaction in current view (all/live/test)
  • Fixed – incorrect record count on transaction table


  • Added – ability to export transactions
  • Fixed – missing defaults from Kudos button block
  • Fixed – missing Dutch translations


  • Initial release