Lazy Load AdSense


Lazy Load AdSense plugin is a simple and lightweight plugin that allows you to place your Google AdSense script without affecting your website page speed.

Want to see the live result with real test?
Example Page with our plugin (How to be a good remote worker)
Google Page Speed Test (How to be a good remote worker (PageSpeed Test))


Go to to download our plugin and install it to your WordPress System.

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. And extract it zip file
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. After installing and activating the plugin, go to “settings -> Lazy Load AdSense” to place your AdSense ID.
  4. Then, you will start see your AdSense ads displayed on your site! Enjoy.


Is it free?

Yes, this plugin is 100% free.

What does the Lazy Load AdSense Plugin actually do?

If there is no user activity, we will delay the AdSense script for 5 seconds. If the script detects the user scrolling or any mouse activity, the script will be placed immediately.

Why you need this plugin?

If you are using traditional AdSense plugin to install your AdSense script or place the AdSense script directly to your website. You may notice a sharp drop in your WordPress site page speed score especially for Core Web Vitals.

In this plugin, we use a combination technique of both delayed loading and lazy load of the Google AdSense script. When you use our plugin to place Google AdSense script, it will not affect your page speed score.

Will this plugin speed up my website?

Technically, this plugin doesn’t speed up your website. If your website has a score of 80 (Core Web Vitals) before placing the AdSense script, after using our plugin. The score will remain the same (80).

But if you place the code directly copied from official website without using this plugin. You may notice, your website core web vitals score might drop from 80 to 50 or even lower.

Does your plugin support manual ads?

Lazy Load AdSense plugin are currently only support for auto ads placement.

Can I place ads for specific post types?

Our plugin does not have settings to place ads for specific post types because we want to keep our plugin simple and lightweight.

But if you still need to place ads for specific post type only. Personally, I use Plugin Load Filter on my own website. (Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with them)

More Questions?

If you have questions about the plugin, please use the support tab of this page. If you need help other than this plugin, please visit our forum at There is a dedicated forum for WordPress topic.


2022년 2월 24일
So far, there is no Adsense Script optimization plugin that has good performance. This plugin can be a solution for wordpress users.
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  • Fixed: Error message no longer appears when activating the plugin


  • Enhancement : It’s now automatically placed the AdSense script once it detects any mouse activity.
  • Tweak : Change to the latest version of Google AdSense script.


  • First released of Lazy Load AdSense Plugin.