LazyLoad Background Images


This plugin will delay the loading of background images in your website and thus helps boosting the website loading time by reducing total number of HTTP requests.

Quick Notes & Links

  1. Do not lazyload background images which are peresent above the fold because this will increase time to First Contentful Paint(FCP) metric and affect the speed of your website .
  2. Background images that are added using inline CSS e.g, <p style=" background-image: url( path/to/background-img.jpg )" > </p> are lazyloaded by this plugin by default .
  3. No dependencies required for this plugin to work.
  4. No extra HTTP request
  5. Add the selectors of the elements that have background images in the plugin settings page or add lazyload-bg class to the element .
  6. WordPress Tips and Tricks By Proloy Bhaduri
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Works smoothly with almost every page builders


This section describes the way you can install the plugin

  • You can directly install the plugin from wordpress admin screen of your site Plugins > Add New and search For Lazyload Background Images .
  • Alternatively you can download the plugin file from the and upload to your site via Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  • Go to Settings > Lazy Backgrounds


2022년 7월 31일
Works perfectly after activating. I can see the difference in the speed of my website. Nice job!
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  • Feature : Added support for Beaver , WP Bakery , Avada , Block editor


  • Fixed page builders issue


  • Added support for different page builders viz. Oxygen , Divi, Bricks and Breakdance


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