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2017년 March 7일
In the WP Admin this plugin had a Warning message that instructed me to use "GB Cleaner" in the Tools section to "fix things". Running that tool as recommended actually broke my whole site and the only way I could get it back was to delete this plugin, otherwise the entire website was broken with a 500 internal server error. I'm running a standard BlueHost wordpress site as I do with dozens of sites, no special environment variables. This plugin actually use to work well, but why it has bundled tools with it that break the plugin and the website as a whole I do not know (using 4.7.3 / current most updated WP version). I should have known that tool was a bad idea when using it had it's own warning that says like "Warning - Only use this tool once or it can cause serious problems" - any time a plugin comes with the caveat that running a tool twice will break your site is a red flag that it's a bad plugin to begin with, but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Big mistake.
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