MC Audio File Calculator


Online calculators to determine the size of MP3 and WAV files.
* Creates an online MP3 file size calculator by providing running time and bit rate.
* Creates an online WAV file size calculator with inputs for running time, channels, sample rate, and bit depth.
* Each calculator shows the approximate file size that would be produced.
* Add calculators to your website pages with these shortcodes: [mcafc-mp3] and [mcafc-wav].
* Set the font size and button color of the calculators on the settings page.


  • This is the WAV file size calculator.
  • This is the MP3 file size calculator.
  • Here is the settings page, where you can determine whether to use the provided title and description above the calculators. You also determine the size of the text and the button color to best fit your website.


  1. Download and Activate the plugin.
  2. Go to the settings page from either the left menu under “Settings,” or from a link shown on the plugins list.
  3. The print size will be 16px until you change it on the settings page. Choose the text size you want.
  4. On the settings page, you can determine whether to include the standard title and description above the calculators on your web pages. If you click “No” there will be no title or description and you can include what you want on your page.
  5. On the settings page, you can detemine the color of the button on the calculators.
  6. Put calculators on your website pages by using the shortcodes: [mcafc-mp3] and [mcafc-wav].


What is the shortcode to show the calculators?

[mcafc-mp3] for the MP3 calculator. [mcafc-wav] for the WAV calculator.

Can I use the calculators separately?

Yes. You can use one, use the other, or use both. You can put them on any website pages.


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  • 2.1 Minor code tweaks. No change in functions.
  • 2.0 Initial release on