Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder


Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder ~ The biggest Addon bundle for WPBakery With 32+ highly customizable elements and add-ons. This Addon Bundle provide you everything for your WPBakery Page Builder. Addons for WPBakery features professional looking, easy to use yet highly functional extensions that can be used in a WPBakery page builder.

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WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) plugin must be installed and activated to use this plugin. After you activate the required plugins, the elements should be available for use in WPBakery Page Builder.

Completely Customizable

We’ve implemented freehand design experience in many elements and addons to make it easier to design amazing layouts using your mouse.
Each element comes with bunch of options to control every possible things. You can achieve nearly any design with your imagination.

Light Weight & Instant Loading

No extra resources or messy codes to slow down your website. Optimized for super fast loading and instant Live editing.

Elements Control option

Enable and disable individual elements to make your page loading faster and smoother. You can deactivate unnecessary widgets to keep the site lite.


Each Element and addon has been tested on different screen sizes, mobile devices, and tablets keeping in mind to add special responsive controls for the tricky widgets and addons we create.

Expert Support

We have support team ready to help you. Ask your questions in the support forum, or contact us directly through contact form.

WPBakery page builder is required for this plugin.


We have designed 33+ of the most useful widgets to enhance your WPBakery Page Building experience and allow you to climb the top of your design capabilities.

  1. Advanced Carousel – Turn any content Into carousel
  2. Team Members – Feature your team members with few clicks
  3. Info Banner – Displays the banner information
  4. Image Hove Effects – Image Hover Effects
  5. Interactive Banner – great hover effects
  6. Pricing Table – Create nice looking pricing table
  7. Timeline – Add multiple images and text
  8. Stats Counter – Your milestones, achievements etc
  9. Info Box – Add icon box with custom font icon
  10. Flip Box – Add icon box with custom font icon
  11. Advanced Button – Animated style buttons
  12. Price Table Listing – Compare Listing
  13. Filterable Gallery – Display images with separate categories
  14. Creative Links – Creative links button
  15. Countdown – Set Countdown timer
  16. Advanced Social Icons – social icons with animated effects
  17. TextTyper Typing – Fancy line with animation effects
  18. Modal Popup – Add modal box in your content
  19. Info List – Text blocks connected together in one list
  20. Google Trends – show google trends
  21. Tooltip Icons – show icons with tooltip
  22. Testimonial – show client comments as testimonial
  23. Headings – Display stylish headings
  24. Highlight Box – Beautiful designed buttons for highlight
  25. Accordion – vertically stacked list of items
  26. Image Swap – Image over image hover effects
  27. Info Circle – express info about your work

More elements on Premium Version

  1. Post Carousel – Show posts as carousel slider
  2. Flip Book – 3D Page Flip Book
  3. Post Grid – Show posts as Grid styles
  4. Modal Popup For Image Hover Effects – Modal popup & Lightbox for Image Hover Effects
  5. Filterable Gallery – (Pro options) 2 More Hover Effects + Video Popup option
  6. WP Floating Menu – Create beautiful one page websites using this module
  7. Dual Button – Add a dual button and give some design
  8. Before After Image Comparison – Let your viewers compare between two images
  9. Info Circle – (Slide Option) express info about your work
  10. Interactive Banner 2 – Display Image With Information
  11. Team Members – (3 More Designs) Feature your team members with few clicks
  12. Interactive Banner (10 More Effects) – great hover effects
  13. Pricing Table – Create nice looking pricing tables
  14. Advanced Carousel – (Pro options) Turn any content Into carousel
  15. Flip Box – (3D Text Flip) Add icon box with custom font icon
  16. Modal Popup – (6+ Button Effects ) Add modal box in your content
  17. Accordion – (7+ Theme Design ) vertically stacked list of items
  18. WhatsApp Chat – Get instant WhatsApp messages right from your website visitors.

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Businesses like restaurants, lawyers, agencies, interior designers, charity, plumber, dental clinic, construction, fitness trainer, gardening, makeup artist and a lot more. You can take a look at all of them built with different page builders.


Over 60000+ users are empowering their websites with Mega Addons! From beginners to experts, everyone is loving Addons for its performance and ease of use.


  • Enable/Disable Elements
  • Mega Addons elements in WPBakery Page Builder
  • 3D Page Flip Book
  • Show your awesome Team
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Lightbox & Modal Popup
  • Pricing Table
  • vertically stacked list of items
  • Post Carousel


  1. Go to plugins in your dashboard and select ‘add new’
  2. Search for ‘Mega Addons For WPBakery Page Builder’ and install it.
  3. Go To pages and create design with help of wpbakery page builder.
  4. Fill some additional informations.
  5. Now visit your site


I activated the Mega Addons Plugin but I cannot see It In the dashboard pannel?

It is the extension of WPBakery Page Builder so you must have WPBakery plugin to use my plugin. It works with WPBakery Page Builder. After you activate the required plugins, the elements should be available for use in WPBakery Page Builder.

Does it work with any theme?

Absolutely! It will work with any theme where WPBakery works.

What if I update to Premium version?

Your existing elements/content will work with premium version. So you won’t lose your developed contents. Just delete the free version first then activate the Pro version.

Will this plugin slow down my website speed?

Addons for WPBakery is light weight and we also gave you the control to enable only the elements you actually use on your website for faster performance.

How To add background image in Info Banner?

Select background image from “Design Options” category. You can see Its demo at the end of page

Activating plugin causes “500 server error”

Let’s take a look at how to go about troubleshooting the internal server error in WordPress. It may solve the problem.


2020년 July 28일
I have been using the free version of this plugin, and even though it has remarkable functionality, aesthetics for a website and service, I would like to upgrade to the pro version soon. Can highly recommend it, especially with the communication via the developers. They are always aspiring to improve it.
2020년 May 7일
The plugin works and it seems to complement the default WPBakery elements very well. What I can't find in WPBakery I always seem to find in this plugin. That said, it does feel a little unpolished compared to the default elements, but that has not affected the end results. I've had to use CSS here and there, but that's probably because I'm nit-picky; this should work for you even if you don't use CSS.
2020년 February 14일
Carefully crafted and maintained, provides useful elements. Personally i find the modal pop-up very convenient.
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  • Filterable Gallery: Now you can show caption text in Popup view.
  • Advanced Button: Redesign settings for Button with addition of 7 more Effects.
  • Advanced Button: New options => Button Shadow, Text Transfrom, Font Style, Icon position to left & right,
  • Modal Popup: All Pro Button Hover Effects are available in free version now.
  • Image Swap: Fade Effect added.
  • Image Swap: New options => Animation Speed, Set custom Image Width/Height and for mobile devices, Element Alignment.
  • Fixed: Sometimes button crop from bottom side in Advanced Carousel.
  • Fixed: Sometimes activating plugin decreased the website header width.
  • WhatsApp Chat Pro: Get Instant message through website.


  • Thank you for using plugin. We are working hard to make plugin more better.
  • New Element: Filterable Gallery -> Display images with separate categories, Grid Styles and customize the overall design to ensure the extraordinary look.
  • Accordion: Now you can add custom fontawesome icon for Default & Active, plus set text color & background when accordion is active.
  • Timeline: Added the extra option for Text and Image.
  • Redesign settings of “Info List”.
  • Advanced Carousel: Now you can set Background Color of “arrows” and custom font size of “dots”. For further please check the Demo.
  • Modal Popup: Padding option for content when It is displayed in Popup view.
  • Image Swap: Remove gray border outline and addition of Border styling.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • This version have a lot of Improvements and bug fixed. Previous version 3.1 had major updates without new release. We have fully update the plugin now.
  • Note: Please make sure to backup your previous version If you are updating plugin from 2.3 because desing can be change.


  • This verion have some changes In settings so please make sure to backup your previous version and design. Your design can be change on updating the plugin so first test It on other server or localhost.
  • These settings will effect on font size, padding, height width and URL given to elements.
  • If you update the plugin by mistaken then simply revert the old version 2.3 and settings will be back. You can download It from Plugin URI on
  • Now you can disable unused elements from dashboard to speed up your page loading time.
  • We fixed too much bugs in new version and made more responsive design.
  • You can add custom settings for mobile devices.
  • Info Box: Addition of WP-Editor option for description field and Box shadow and “Link To” options.
  • Accordion: Options of Collapseable + animation + mouseover and clickable, plus panel height issue resolved.
  • Addition: Width & Height option for Image Hover Effects.
  • Image Alt attribute In all elements.
  • Remove “Photobook” element.
  • Flip Box CSS fixed rotation problem
  • Price Table: 2 more design.
  • Addition: Text Color & background color onhover for button in modal popup element.
  • Addition: Border Style option in Image Swap Element.
  • Extra Spaces Removed From Interactive Banner Design.


  • In this version we are just letting you know that a new beta version 3.0 will be release soon which will have alot of changes so please make sure to backup your previous version. You can download the Beta version from given link:-


  • Bug Fixed: Info banner mobile responsive issue
  • Bug Fixed: Modal Popup play randomly video onClick.
  • Remove: Flip Box bold heading
  • Pro Version available with much more options and designs.
  • In pro version, you can disable unused elements from dashboard to speed up your page loading time.


  • Fixed: Info banner mobile responsive issue
  • Added: Add link to image in member profile
  • Changes: Price Table setting changes
  • Fixed: Some Bugs


  • Notice: Please make sure to backup your previous version. This update has a large amount of changes and many new features are added. Feel free to ask on support forum regarding any issues before leaving a low star rating. Thanks


  • First Version